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Food Service Management Software

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Food Service Management Software:

Food Service Management Software is a software that is used by commercial food businesses such as cafeterias and food factories to manage their operations.
The software enables inventory control, purchasing, receiving and recipe management for both public and private food service operations.

Features and Benefits of Food Service Management Software:

The Food Service Management  Software has several features that can benefit the user in many ways to grow their business. Some of these include:

  • The software provides a complete solution with buffet management, advance order taking and delivery management.
  • Fresh inventory can be maintained, operations of central kitchen can be managed and signature dishes can be prepared effectively with recipe control.
  • Accurate accounts of daily sales can be maintained and tax filing can be done very easily.
  • The software is able to handles billing, accounting and inventory management with ease.
  • It can be used from smaller scale tasks such as recipe creation and inventory management to facilitate large scale tasks such as business management and pricing.
  • Food service management software can be used with food traceability software, foods service distribution software, or catering software.
  • Tools such as accounting software, workforce management software, and business intelligence platforms can also be integrated with these tools.
  • The production, procurement, or creation of food products can be organized for sale
  • A reliable, timely reporting can be provided to the leadership of your food service operation
  • Integrated information tracking, cost reporting, and precision control of your food production and kitchen operations can be discovered.
  • The financial bottom line can be supported through dynamic quality and budget control by strategic implementation of information technology for the food service department.
  • An informed, proactive decision can be made in food service operations for every step of the management process, from menu planning and purchasing through all service areas including cafeterias, food courts, patient meal systems, and catering or special functions by the cost planning and reporting features built into every management module.
  • Invoices can be generated, processed and orders can be tracked automatically.
  • The software includes a built-in POS system to make payment processing smoother. This also save you the costs of purchasing a separate device.
  • You can manage your employees by making a schedule that balances employee availability, maintains labor law compliance and ensures your top performers are working on your most popular shifts.
  • You can save on both valuable management time and money as the overall staff management process is simplified.
  • The software uses historical data on actual usage of items served and make you aware of future production needs.
  • Both conventional and cook to inventory production methods can be accommodated by the Inventory Control system provided by the software.
  • Bar code readers can be used to reduce the time required to track inventory items.
  • The purchasing system automatically determines the amount of each food item to purchase based on your menus and production scheduling.
  • Bid sheets can be created, vendor and contract information can be maintained, and purchase orders and requisitions can be generated.
  • It can be integrated with vendor systems to get electronic price updates, and transfer purchase orders to the order entry system of vendor.

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