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Productivity Software:

Productivity Software is a software that is used for producing information such as documents, presentations, worksheets, digital paintings, electronic music, databases, charts, graphs and digital video.
It is named so as it increases productivity, especially of individual office workers, from typists to knowledge workers.

Features and Benefits of Productivity Software:

The Productivity Software has several features that can benefit the user in many ways to grow their business. Some of these include:

  • People can be made more efficient and effective in their daily activities by using productivity software.
  • Things such as documents, databases, graphs, worksheets and presentations can be produced by the software.
  • Word processors, database management systems (DBMS), graphics software and spreadsheet applications are some of the examples of office productivity software.
  • Any type of application that is used to help people do their jobs, including collaboration and communication programs can be included.
  • Efficiency can be incresed by facilitating people's tasks. For example, a word processing application, such as Microsoft Word can be used, which will produce digital files, makes the tasks of creating, editing, storing and sharing documents much more efficient.
  • The tasks of storing, retrieving and working with data can be simplified and also the capabilities of data manipulation and analysis can be enormously expanded by database management systems.
  • Automatic reminders can be provided to follow up if no one responds to your message.
  • You can see when recipients click links or download attachments that you have sent.
  • Open rates can be increased by scheduling messages to automatically send later.
  • Insights can be provided into your team's activity with detailed reports.
  • A real-time feed of all tracking activity can be viewed, searched, and filtered.
  • You can clean up your inbox by instantly unsubscribing from newsletters.
  • The software combines collaboration and email in one place that help teams to remove friction, stay organized, and make better decisions, faster.
  • Real time input can be provided from teammates with inline comments and mentions in email conversations.
  • Any email conversation can be turned into a shareable web link your team can view and collaborate on.
  • Information can be connected to the tools your team use by sharing directly to apps like Slack and Salesforce.
  • Repetitive, manual tasks like email follow-up and scheduling meetings can be automated so that your team can focus on the work that matters most.
  • Meetings can be scheduled instantly and back-and-forth can be eliminated with your own personal calendar page.
  • Performance and prospect engagement can be tracked across your entire team's outreach by Multi-Stage Campaigns, Reply Detection and Detailed Reporting.
  • Multiple people can work on the same file at the same time by using collaborative software. Files can be saved on a networked disk drive that is accessible to all the collaborators for desktop applications and users can save files to a database on the Web in Web services.
  • You can understand how and when prospects engage with your outreach to identify your most qualified leads and most effective messages.
  • Prospects can be imported directly from Salesforce and automatically logging activity to contacts or leads in Salesforce.
  • Winning messages can be turned into templates that your team can leverage across their sequences.

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