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ERP Software:

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a business management software to integrate and manage the applications that an organization use to collect, store, manage and interpret data from business activities. A common databases is maintained by a database management system to provides an integrated and continuously updated information of all business processes used by an organization. Business resources such as raw materials, cash, production capacity as well as the status of business commitments such as orders, purchase orders, and payroll can be track by using an ERP software.
All these data can be shared across various departments like manufacturing, purchasing, sales, accounting, etc.. It provides information flow between all business functions and also manages connections to stakeholders. Using a database as an information repository, ERP software is suitable for many computer hardware and network configurations.

Benefits of ERP Software:

There are several benefits of using an ERP software with in an organization that can make your daily operations and long term planning more efficient. These include:

Reduces IT Cost:

An ERP software is a single system that include numerous functional areas such as customer resource management (CRM), accounting, inventory management, HR management and supply chain management. So using an ERP software will reduce the spending resources on multiple systems that need dedicated staff, infrastructure, support teams and licenses. You might even save on overall IT costs if you are using a centralized ERP software.
It combines various systems and their data together reducing the training requirements for end users. This is because it is required to learn only one system rather than many application.

Complete Visibility:

As all information related to the company is available in a centralized location, every departmental process can be easily tracked with maximum efficiency. All data from every department are easily accessible to anyone who might need it. This in turn increases collaboration and more streamlined completion of tasks.

Improved Reporting and Planning:

ERP software provides a better insight by generating a unified reporting system for every process. An ERP system can generate useful reports and analytics automatically at any time for any department by taking data from the centralized location. It also has the ability to analyze and compare functions across departments, reducing the use of multiple spreadsheets and emails.
Standard financial reports such as income and cash flow statements, custom reports can be generated automatically when ever required.
The additional feature of business intelligence services in many ERP software allows your business to have a deeper level of analytical insight into your operations. As it has the ability to identify both operational strengths and problem areas that needs to be improved, a better corporate planning can be done to make better informed decisions.

Improved Efficiency:

An ERP software can reduce the time and effort required by the men force by reducing or totally eliminating repetitive manual task. Integrating technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), robotic process automation (RPA) and machine learning with the ERP software can provide intelligent suggestion. This helps managing business activities such as generating purchase orders, demand forecasting and tracking products from manufacturing to delivery in a better way.

Improved Customer Service:

Better customer interaction can be provided as ERP software can provide insight and end-to-end tracking. As the customer information is centralized and streamlined, the sales team will have a better customer relationships. Your business will be able to handle web-based order processing and client interactions in a better way if it support e-commerce integration.

Data Security:

ERP has a improved data security in a closed environment. A single input system is helpful in maintaining a high level of data security on-premise as well as cloud based ERP systems. It also provide centralized backups for your critical and sensitive data.

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