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Brewery Software

Brewery Software:

Brewery Software is a software that is used to simplify the brewing operation including managing the sales, inventory, equipment, and production costs.

Features and Benefits of Brewery Software:

There are several features of a Brewery Software which can benefit the user in many ways. Some of these include:

  • All your batches, from raw materials to work in progress to finished goods can be managed by Brewery Software. The production costs as well as the lab data during each step of the process can be tracked.
  • The materials back to the vendor in case of a bad batch can also be tracked and the other batches that may have been tainted can be found out before they hit the shelves
  • The ingredients coming in, beer brewing, shipments going out and everything related to the operation can be tracked by the software which eliminates the need for you to monitor, action and optimize every aspect of your operations.
  • By gaining complete visibility about purchases, inventory, production and sales, you will be able to run your brewery efficiently and effectively.
  • The factors effecting the revenue such as true cost of each beer, wastage and the base ingredients affecting the final margin can be identified.
  • You can also gain clarity over the stage of each brew and how close orders are to distribution.
  • You will be able to produce the same quality beer every time which will meet the level of satisfaction of your customer every time.
  • Operations can be streamlined through batch planning, scheduling and ingredient forecasting. Individual areas of inventory management can be shifted into a single one by using a cloud based Brewery Software. The easy to use Brewery Software can be used to streamline planning by automating the entire process, and hence, reducing the waste and cost of stock-outs.
  • Inventory levels can be managed in real time. You will be able to know what inventory you have on hand exactly, which ingredients are committed to the next scheduled brew batch and, the quantities of finished beer on hand.
  • Costly manual processes can be eliminated. The software improve productivity through a single integrated inventory solution
  • Because of centralized coordination of essential data from all areas of the brewery, all employees can get the same information updated in real time.
  • Critical business information can be accessed remotely though mobile app when you are offsite.
  • The software allows all employees to quickly learn and operate the software, which removes the need of individual staff members working with inventory planning.
  • Delays and bottlenecks such as not having necessary inventory available to bottle, label and package beer can be reduced through more efficient inventory control. As you can view stock levels and order history in real time, the production delays can be reduced.
  • Inventory management can be improved through tracking and recovery.
  • As the products that are reaching use by dates can be seen at a glance, you can take measures to reduce losses on these items. The software provides real time data to identify batch lots and use by dates well in advance of spoilage occurring. So, you can clear stock through promotion and event activities to reduce spoilage waste.

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