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Bakery Software

Bakery Software:

Bakery Software is a software that is used to manage all aspects of bakery operations in the baking industry that include recipe development, supply chain management, product manufacturing and distribution.
Bakery software provides a complete business solution to run a bakery which include features like labeling, ingredient purchasing, accounting, inventory and warehouse management, nutritional analysis and production capabilities. Proper planning can be done for your weekly production of items and the recipe of each item can be controlled with ingredient control. You can also maintain inventory with supplier details for all your storage. Labeling with barcodes can be done for packed items and the packing can be tracked. You will be able to get accurate business insights from the reports generated on sales,customer details, inventory spend,supplier management and many more which will help you to improve your performance and efficiency. The software can be used by bakery owners, chefs, and food distributors.

Benefits of Bakery Software:

There are several benefits of using Bakery Software. Some of them include:

  • You can punch orders quickly. Along with in-store orders, you can also integrate with online food portals and receive their orders directly in your system.
  • You can accept advance booking orders for upcoming events and manage these as advance bookings and fulfil on the delivery date.
  • You can setup Kitchen Order Tickets (KOTs) for made to order items. The KOT can be used by Chefs to prepare items and these can be either printed or viewed from a Kitchen Display System.
  • The inventory and recipe management system can track pilferage and item consumption. Creating and managing multiple inventory locations is also possible with no additional cost.
  • A digital receipt can be send to your customers which acts as a medium to get private feedback. Customer feedback and ratings can be viewed from the Feedback app.
  • Live sales metrics can be tracked from anywhere by using the mobile app of owner. You will be able to change setup and prices remotely as it is a cloud based system.
  • With real time reports on top selling items and non moving items, you can plan your production and sales.
  • You can manage queues during rush hours by popping instant billing counters.
  • As real time ingredient consumption can be tracked, inventory and wastage can be managed to improve your overall profit margins.
  • Your products can be priced accurately and costs can be controlled based on varying material costs across suppliers from time to time.
  • Weighing scale can be integrated to simplify loose quantity sales. As it detect FSSI barcodes, bill can be generated instantly and easily for a faster checkout
  • Manufacturer charge backs for promotions, spoilage, turnover, discounts, advertising, and administrative fees with Bakery Software can be easily managed.
  • Bakery Production Software provides recipe and formula version control, including processing instructions to help you keep your multiple recipes organized.
  • As the with Bakery Costing Software can assists with the pricing of current and new products with access to ingredient, packaging, and shipping costs, you can make informed decisions regarding price increases and product margins.
  • With the help of Bakery inventory software you can maintain appropriate product levels, facilitates rotation methods and expiration date tracking, and avoids wasteful overproduction.   

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