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APICBASE Food Management

Nutrition Analysis Software

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Nutrition Analysis Software:

Nutrition Analysis Software is a software that is used by food service and food manufacturing industries to generate nutrition and ingredient labels, calculate nutritional values for menu items and recipes, and ensure compliance with relevant regulations.
The software can also be used by personal trainers, coaches and gym owners to manage their clients nutrition through customizable programmes, while tracking their progress and achievements.

Types of nutrition analysis software

  • Recipe and Menu Analysis Software
  • Food Diary and Tracking Software
  • Nutrient Database Software
  • Diet Planning and Meal Management Software
  • Nutrition Labeling Software
  • Dietary Assessment and Analysis Software
  • Sports Nutrition Software
  • Research and Data Analysis Software
  • Nutritional Education and Counseling Software
  • Mobile Apps and Wearable Devices

Features and Benefits of Nutrition Analysis Software:

The Nutrition Analysis Software has several features that can benefit the user in many ways to grow their business. Some of these include:

  • The current diet of your clients can be analyzed and the effective feedback can be provided on what to improve.
  • Personalized meal plans and custom recipes can be created and nutrient analysis reports can be generated in comparison to the clients' nutritional needs and requirements.
  • All the tools that you need to help clients develop the habits of eating well, exercising, mindfulness, self-compassion and general well-being can be provided by the software.
  • The appropriate information required to meet both health requirements and the demands of health-conscious customers can be obtained.
  • Healthcare, education, quick service restaurants, cafes, grocery stores, manufacturers are some of the examples of food service industry segments who can use this software to provide nutritional information to meet customer needs and comply with government mandates.
  • The comprehensive reports become available, inventory is automatically subtracted, and discrepancies can be identified to alert you about inefficiencies or areas of loss as sales information can be integrated into the software.
  • You can track sales by day or period, rank by contribution to profit or number sold. An interface for Point Of Sale (POS) as an add-on can be provided by Sales Analysis functionality of the software.
  • The inventory management, sales integration, and purchasing and ordering functions of the software can be combined together to provide you an accurate and reliable system for determining exactly what to order, how much, and from whom.
  • Instantaneous analysis can be provided by the deft cross-referencing capabilities to save hours of labor.
  • Money and time can be saved by generating orders based on Par levels, ordering based on lowest price or lowest bid, generating orders for multiple vendors at a time or a single vendor, using a mobile Tablet for ordering, tracking purchasing in detail and summary and getting instant flag on price increases and decrease.
  • Orders can be converted into an invoice instantaneously and modified for changes upon receipt of goods.
  • It has the ability to analyze by inventory category, account category, profit center, location, etc.
  • Vendor bids and actual purchases between vendors can be compared.
  • Your own schedule of alerts can be created so that you are reminded of inventory due dates, expired shelf life, open requisitions, and orders that need to be placed.
  • You get pre-loaded handling information on specific food types, as well as an audit trail with the fully integrated Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) module.
  • A complete management system can be provided for controlling all food safety.
  • Cooking and storage temperatures, and also handling and usage procedures, can be customized and automatically associated with recipes based on your specific inventory requirements.
  • Safe food handling procedures can also be added from the USDA or your local health department.
  • You prevent food borne illnesses from hurting your customers, reputation, credibility, or profits by providing training to the new employees to safely handle food.
  • Banquet and event-specific menus can be created and you can cost them out with real numbers from your invoices and inventory.
  • Adjustments can be made quickly based on budget, favorite recipes, food allergies or restrictions and more with the Event Management Module. You can respond immediately to last-minute changes.
  • Non-food expenses like staff and rentals can be cost out, client and venue information can be managed, and detailed quotes and final invoices can be generated.

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