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Grant Management Software

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Grant Management Software:

Grant Management Software is a software that is used by grantmakers to streamline their processes to get critical funding out to their communities quickly.

The  non-profit organizations can do researching, apply, collecting, and managing grants. It helps the grantmakers to organize, prioritize, and process the grant applications they receive from charities. Oversight of the grants they make can also be simplified. The software can also be designed to be used by grantseekers to help them organize and write their grant applications.

Functions like grant discovery, budget planning, peer collaboration, regulatory compliance, proposal submission, administrative reporting and project tracking can be included in the software that are designed for grantseekers, where as functions like  receipt, organization, and prioritization of grant applications, fund disbursement tracking, grant recipient collaboration, and impact-of-funds analysis can be in the software that are designed for grantmakers. The grant managers, principal investigators, researchers and other individuals can easily perform grant related administrative task in both the cases.

Types of Grant Management Software:

  • Fluxx Grant Management
  • Blackbaud Grantmaking (formerly GIFTS Online)
  • eCivis
  • Foundant GLM (Grant Lifecycle Manager)
  • Submittable
  • WizeHive Zengine
  • CyberGrants
  • SmartSimple Grant Management
  • AmpliFund
  • Benevity Grant Management

Benefits of Grant Management Software:

  • Streamlined application process
  • Enhanced collaboration
  • Real-time tracking
  • Improved reporting and analytics
  • Simplified financial management
  • Increased transparency and accountability
  • Automation of repetitive tasks
  • Centralized data storage
  • Compliance and reporting
  • Improved grant evaluation
  • Enhanced grantee engagement
  • Faster decision-making
  • Scalability and flexibility
  • Integration with other systems
  • Increased efficiency and productivity

Roles of Grant Management Software:

Roles of Grant Management Software include:

  • Grant writing, regulatory compliance, identifying and managing grant project teams can be done by a grant manager or grant administrator.
  • Functions such as opportunity discovery, peer collaboration and workflow tracking can be automated by grant management software.
  • Granting activities that are related to confirming the tax-exempt status of a non-profit as well as cross checking applicants against various terrorist watch lists such as OFAC can be streamlined by the software.

Functions of Grant Management Software:

Functions of Grant Management Software include:

  • Task like searching for specific grant types open for application, writing and submitting the grant application, and receiving the rejection or denial letter from the potential grantor can be done before a grant is awarded by the pre-award grad process.
  • Purchasing research equipment, tracking and certifying research efforts, accounting tasks, and reporting to the grantor or grantors can be done after an award is won by the post-award process.  
  • Features for the entire lifecycle of a grant can also be provided.
  • A comprehensive and targeted services for the pre-award process can also be provided by some software.
  • Grant management software can help customers in finding grants by automatically searching known funding sources and sending alert to the users when applicable grant opportunities are available.
  • Collaboration solutions can be offered by the software to make the process of preparing for award submissions, finding funding opportunities, and managing grant projects easier.
  • Users can review grant opportunities, vote on opportunities to apply for, and communicate with other project peers.
  • Social media applications can be deployed in some software to simplify collaboration, which help limit the cumbersome serial communications process of emails.
  • The grant related activity such as creating and maintaining award documentation, preparing budgets, and ensuring fund use is within grantor compliance can be tracked by the organizations that receive funding and results can be reported to grantors.
  • The participants can be recorded and grant related documents such as letter templates can be managed as well as data can be exported to programs such as Excel for easier reporting.
  • Grant makers are allowed to export their reports in order to provide analysis on grant making activity on both a micro and macro level.
  • Transparency in managing government funded programs can be ensured by Grant Management Software.

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