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Scholarship Management Software

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Scholarship Management Software:

Scholarship Management Software is a software that is used by educational organizations to collect and process applications for financial assistance, as well as administer scholarship distribution.
The application process for organizations that award scholarships can be streamlined by using sacholarship management software.

Features and Benefits of Scholarship Management Software:

The Scholarship Management Software has several features that can benefit the user in many ways to grow their business. Some of these include:

  • The software can be used by scholarship decision makers to make the process faster and more efficient for both candidates and reviewers, from collecting applications to selecting award recipients.
  • The software can also be used by higher education institutions, professional associations, nonprofit foundations and corporations all use scholarship management software to manage their scholarship programs.
  • The collection of customized applications from candidates can be enabled and can be assigned to the proper reviewers by using automation functions in scholarship management software.
  • The software help reduce paperwork and allow for more frequent communication between applicants, administrators and reviewers by digitizing the process.
  • Student data can be pulled from student information systems, reducing the amount of time it takes for candidates to fill out applications by uisng this software.
  • It can be integrated with tools that institutions use to manage accounting, human resources, financial aid or academic advising.
  • Online applications can be collected from candidates and candidates are allowed to track the status of their applications.
  • A review management portal can be included with scoring features.
  • Tools can be provided for communicating with applicants and evaluators.
  • Reports on key data sets can be generated.
  • Custom application forms can be created by scholarship administrators.
  • Document attachments, like letters of recommendation or transcripts, to an application can be facilitated.
  • It automates matching of candidates to scholarships they are eligible for.
  • Candidates are allowed to track application as it moves through the process.
  • Assigning applications to reviewers can be automated and an easy-to-use review portal for evaluators can be provided.
  • Scoring tools like rubrics or scaled ratings can be included. Reviewers are allowed to leave notes or comments on applications
  • Messaging capability can be provided for communicating with applicants and reviewers.
  • Reports on key applicant and award data can be generated.
  • It can be ensured bt the scholarship coordinators that their processes attract a robust pool of qualified applicants and identify the recipients who most deserve the funding.
  • A streamlined way can be provided for education administrators to manage their scholarship programs.
  • The users can design, test, and automate marketing campaigns directly within the tool.
  • Personalization tools can be provided to help nurture individual leads and personalize the applicant experience.
  • Automated reminders can be send for admissions staff.
  • Insight into applicant data can be provided through reporting and data visualization tools.
  • An overview of the number of applicants at each stage in the admissions process, from prospect to enrolled student can be provided.
  • Tools can be provided for grantmakers to build RFPs and assign questions for grantseekers to answer.  
  • Errors can be identified before submission or grantmakers are allowed to provide internal feedback on submissions.
  • A secure portal can be provided for grantees to manage past and current proposals, progress reports, and communications.
  • All required attachments for grant proposals, such as 501c3 determination letters, resumes, or board lists can be stored.
  • Task and deadline tracking can be supported for grant related actions and role-based access are allowed to be established.

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