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Fundraising Software:

Fundraising Software is a software that is used by nonprofit organizations to manage donor and pledge information associated with fundraising campaigns.

Features and Benefits of Fundraising Software:
The Fundraising Software has several features that can benefit the user in many ways to grow their business. Some of these include:

  • The software help to attract and retain donors, and ensure their loyalty and continuous financing in order to manage funding processes.
  • Fundraising campaigns can be performed online through social media and email campaigns, or during live events.
  • The efficiency of any fundraising initiative can be tracked and long term relationships with donors can be developed.
  • The software can be integrated with accounting or payment solutions for financial transactions processing.
  • It may require integration with nonprofit CRM or donor management solutions, when these features are not included in the fundraising software.
  • Features are provided to create multiple options for donations and gifts.
  • Donor information and communications can be managed for both existing or potential donors.
  • Users can create, manage, and monitor campaigns to attract new donors.
  • Online options for one-time or recurring donations and gifts can be included.
  • Fundraising initiatives or contributions of donors can be evaluated by delivering reporting and analytics.
  • Donations are tangible as your donors can see a progress bar and share what your organization is doing with their network.
  • A donor list can be exported for each project with simple interface.
  • A centralized information resource can be provided that understands your relationships of donor to your nonprofit and to each other with sophisticated tools for linking related records, and coding and filtering donor attributes.
  • The software helps you reach the right people with the right message by providing the tools for communicating, tracking and managing your campaigns and results.  
  • It helps you generating targeted solicitations and keeping notes on potential major donors.
  • Lists can be selected or created based on any type of information you choose, such as recency and frequency of giving, who gave 'last year but unfortunately not this year' and more.
  • Your fundraising communications can be personalized by merging into mailings, emails, or generating specific telephone call.
  • Contact activities can be grouped into a concerted effort to allow development staff to plan, coordinate, and track cultivation efforts for these major donors. Your lists can be filtered to target the constituents you want.
  • Powerful reporting and analysis tools can be provided to track donors, uncover hidden trends, refine solicitation activities and analyze your results. Your own unique, professional reports can be easily modified or created.
  • Campaign Effectiveness Reports, Donation Summaries and Analyses, Grant Tracking and Constituent Reporting are some of key report areas that help nonprofits raise more money.
  • You can save hours of time by automating time-consuming tasks. For example, you can enter a record and gift once and have it automatically acknowledged, posted to your ledger, and sent to your accounting software with fundraising software.
  • The software not only will help you save time, but also avoid costly errors and omissions.
  • A fundraising software provides a fast and accurate process for entering, recognizing, and managing every gift and pledge despite of the gift type or method of donation.
  • Pledges, Soft credits, Restricted gifts, Matching gifts, In-Kind donations, Split gifts and Memberships are some of the unique types of gifts that nonprofits can handle.
  • It can be ensured that each gift is automatically acknowledged with the most appropriate thank you letter. It can also set any other type of acknowledgment such as a phone call, award or thank you gift.
  • As donors who receive timely acknowledgments to their gifts are much more likely to give again in the future, it is recommended to send the acknowledgments within 48 hours of receiving a gift.
  • Engaging and providing timely service to constituents 24 hours a day through the website of your organization can help growing and keeping current a large database of constituent email addresses and establishing permanent fundraising success.

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