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Webinar Software:

Webinar software is a software that allows the participants to share audio, documents and applications with webinar attendees. Webinar or web-based seminar can be either a presentation, lecture, workshop or seminar which is transmitted over the web using video conferencing software.
The interactive elements and the ability for a presenter to present, receive and discuss information in real time is the main feature of a webinar. This is useful for conducting a lecture or information session, Where the presenter speaks and can share desktop applications and documents with the attendees. This online event can also be hosted by an organization and broadcast to a select group of individuals in their computers using Internet. The speaker of the hosting organization can share PowerPoint presentations, videos, web pages or other multimedia content with the attendees.
Usually a webinar is consist of audio and visual components. A web conferencing tool or Internet browser is used to share the visual component of a webinar where as a speakers and media players of the attendee's computer or telephone is used to broadcast the audio components of a webinar. The interaction between the speaker of the hosting organization and the attendees is also possible by using webinar software. Questions can be asked by the attendees in real time through an instant messaging tool or e-mail to the speaker. A live streaming options are also now offered by many webinar software where you can record the content and publish it on any any video services. Organizations can conduct and distribute interactive live and recorded promotional or educational video presentations to existing or potential customers by using a webinar software.

How does a webinar work?

As the number of participants is limited, the speaker must first schedule a time and inform the desired participants before the online event. A confirmation e-mail is then send to all selected users containing further instructions to join the webinar along with the necessary login data and/or access link. A standard internet browser is required for the attendees to connect to the webinar.
The attendees can follow the live broadcast once they are connected to the webinar. The attendees will be able to switch between several windows that present different contents or perform different functions. The main window shows the presentation slides or the screen of the speaker and a slightly smaller window is there in which the speaker can be seen live. A list of attendees, a chat feature, or allow access to shared files can be seen in other small windows.
Live stream and communication elements are obviously not part of the webinar if it is a recording. Generally, the average length of a webinar is between 45 and 60 minutes after which the attendees can ask question to the speaker through microphone or chat.

Features of Webinar Software:

There are many different types of webinar software available in the market that is either free, ad-supported and subscription/paid. However there are some common features that each of these webinar software provides. These include:

  • Sharing video files
  • Live chat for attendees
  • Screen sharing
  • Support multiple presenters
  • Conference options for viewers to listen in live
  • Chat filters to connect attendees and presenters with social accounts
  • Live capture to save presentation or streaming capabilities
  • Prerecord video or audio options
  • Calendar scheduling and invites
  • live Q&A tools, polls and feedback forms for attendee incentives

The webinar software can be integrated with other business apps, such as CRM platforms and email marketing tools.

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