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Telephony Software

Telephony Software

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Telephony Software:

Telephony Software is a software that is used to automate the electronic transmission of voice and data to improve call center efficiency.
It is also know as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Internet-enabled devices can be used to make and receive phone calls.

Features and Benefits of Telephony Software:

The Telephony Software has several features that can benefit the user in many ways to grow their business. Some of these include:

  • You can view and answer Tickets from Universal inbox which is like a smarter version of your email inbox. Emails, Chats, Calls, social media tickets, Forum posts, and Suggestions can be accessible and manageable from one place.
  • As every e-mail is automatically made into a Ticket that can be assigned to the correct Department, and to the support Agent, you will never miss out on an e-mail from your customer.
  • Multiple e-mail addresses can be added, routing can be set, and rules can be filtered to streamline your support process.
  • Your sales can be increased by adding a chat button on your website so that you can be there for your customers when they have a question for you.
  • You can see what your customers type even before they send the message. The software allows you to send attachments, see where your visitors are from, transfer chats to other agents, and much more.
  • As you can receive calls directly to your computer, there is no need to buy phones for your agents. No need to spell anything over the phone anymore as you can simultaneously chat with your customers.
  • Automated call routing schemes can be build with an unlimited number of support agents and departments.
  • Every message can be automatically transformed into a Ticket by contact form that your Agents can solve right away. A predefined form can be used or you can aslo create your own and collect additional data about your customers.
  • As each support ticket has a unique ID, you can locate, add to, or communicate the status of the issue or request of user quickly.
  • You can define the number of Tickets, Chats, and Phone calls your agents can handle and set phone duty rotation, pause times, and let them rest when they need it.  
  • Tickets can be assigned at any stage in their life to individual Agents or whole Departments by Routing and Escalation rules. You can set your own rules and criteria for Ticket distribution based on Ticket parameters, events, or time based conditions.
  • Predefined actions can be created by rules that are automatically assigned to Tickets. The action is performed if conditions of rules are met. Rules can be used for transferring specific Tickets to certain Departments, marking Tickets as Spam, adding Tags, resolving Tickets, etc.
  • Ticket responsibilities can be easily managed. The ownership of a Ticket can be changed to an individual Agent or a different Department.
  • Tickets can be distributed and you can assign support Agents into Departments. Filters and transfer Rules can be defined so that your Tickets will always land in the right hands. Different signatures, Chat answering Rules and Phone can be specified for different Departments. You can instantly see how many new, open, and resolved Tickets are in your Departments.
  • Access can be restricted to Tickets for Agents belonging to the same department as the Ticket.
  • Your e-mail communication Templates can be customized per Department.
  • The availability of Chat, Phone, and messaging services per Department can be configured.
  • Work, authority, and Responsibility can be distributed, effectivity and quality of Ticket handling can be increased and Ticket response and resolution time can be reduced.

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