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Salon Software:

Salon Software is a software that is used by businesses in the beauty industry worldwide to grow their business, save time and reach millions of customers by managing their inventory and appointments without stress.
You will be able to manage payrolling, billing, engaging your clients, and carrying out powerful marketing strategies by using this software.

Features and Benefits of Salon Software:

The Salon Software has several features that can benefit the user in many ways to grow their business. Some of these include:

  • Revenue can be increased, time can be saved, brand visibility can be enhanced, and you can make smart decisions in the beauty industry.
  • The software can be used to monitor reports, package management, and book appointments.
  • You will be able to connect with your customers better and improve their overall experience by exploring the innovative features of the software.
  • The appointment scheduling process of your business can be simplified.
  • Customers are allowed to make and change appointments within the comfort of their own device as  the online booking feature is incorporated with a powerful calendar.
  • Customers are allowed to book online appointments through your website, social media page or mobile application.
  • Automated text messages and email reminders can be send to your clients.   
  • Your employees can view their upcoming schedule when they log-in as the online booking system updates in real-time.
  • Color coded scheduling is incorporated in the calender to make it easier for your staff to glance through various appointments.
  • Any chance of overbooking can be avoided by giving your staff the chance to stay on time always.
  • Customized color, fonts and buttons can be provided to match your brand.
  • An integrated or built-in point-of-sale (POS) system can be provided that enables faster checkout for your salon and spa clients, so that you can spend less time at checkout and more time with your clients.
  • You can check guests in, handle sales transactions, invoicing, receipts, retail product management and chair upgrades at the click of a button.
  • Your business can be promoted with customised or pre-designed gift cards. Your bottom line can be can improved by the integrated gift card sales tool.
  • Complete transparency and predictability can be provided that enables easier accounting. Payments can be collected through various payment modes such as cash, credit card, gift voucher, to make it simple for your customers.  
  • You can go paperless as your automated invoices can be send directly to your client's inbox or through text messages.
  • Customised packages and vouchers can be created for your potential clients and boost sales.
  • The retail system can tracks sales, inventory and orders. You can also get notified instantly when a product is running out of stock.
  • A guest or customer can purchase prepaid cards at any branch of the outlet and subsequently redeem it at any of the branches which will work for chain outlets as well as franchisees.
  • Targeted promotions can be created and you can engage with new clients at the right time with the right offers.
  • Booking preference and appointment history can be used to filter clients based on service, age, gender, visit and value.
  • Client engagement can be increased with SMS and email campaigns. Targeted messages can be created for your active and inactive clients.
  • Reminders can be send out to clients who have not visited in a while and to those who are due for their next appointment.
  • Captivating emails can be created to stay in touch with clients. You can also intimate them about new products and services they would be interested in.
  • An instant overview of how your business is doing can be provided at the click of a button. You can also keep track of client retention, referrals, staff productivity and sales benchmarks.
  • Staff performance reports, total hours booked, product sales and client retention rate for each team member can be generated.
  • Client relationships can be enhanced by getting valuable insights into customer activity. You can pull reports on rebooking, no-shows, cancelled appointments and customer retention.

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