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Pilates Studio Software

Pilates Studio Software:

Pilates Studio Software is a software that is used to automate operations of a Pilates studio, including student records maintenance, class registration, scheduling and billing.
Personal trainers, coaches and gym owners will be able to manage their clients by creating customisable training and nutrition programmes, while tracking their progress and achievements by using Pilates Studio Software.

Features and Benefits of Pilates Studio Software:

The Pilates Studio Software has several features that can benefit the user in many ways to grow their business. Some of these include:

  • Administration and client management can be automated with simple payment options. Email alerts can be automated to keep the customers engaged.
  • Your staff and instructors' schedule can be managed and set up their availability with sophisticated and easy to-use portal.
  • Cancelled and rescheduled classes as well as attendance and activity of clients can be tracked.
  • You can sell classpacks, set up membership options or automate payment process for recurring clients.
  • Insights about the progress in the business performance can be provided. Rreports can be run to understand different business metrics.
  • The effectiveness of different marketing campaigns can be analyzed and business decisions can be taken accordingly for skyrocketing revenue.
  • Your Reservation System can be set up instantly. You can check-ins to track attendance.
  • The software can be integrated seamlessly with your existing website.
  • Your emails, confirmation, reminders, feedback and more can be automated.
  • Detailed Reports and Analytics can be genertaed to know occupancy, attendance etc.
  • Your attendance rates can be increased and your business can be streamlined with easy multi-channel booking options for your pilates studio.
  • You can reach more clients, fill up classes, and deliver excellent service with the latest features to make booking easy with lots of automations in place.
  • Clients are allowed to easily find and book your pilates and barre classes directly from web searches and map results.
  • Engagement can be increased and new clients can be attracted with the help of our customizable widgets that provide a window into your pilates studio.
  • You can use your own website or other social media to allow your clients to explore your schedule, book classes, write reviews and more.
  • Students can conveniently reserve their favorite pilates and barre equipment with just a few clicks.
  • Payments can be accepted from anywhere with integrated point of sale system. All payment processes, tracking statuses and purchases can be streamlined right in your business management software. The payment and point of sale platforms can be accessed from your desktop, a tablet, or mobile device when you need it.
  • Your transaction times and processing fees can be reduced and client credit card data can be protected with integrated credit card processing system.
  • You can also store client credit cards and automatically charge monthly for recurring memberships. Clients can go online and reserve their spot in class or purchase their favorite product anytime, anywhere
  • Client sales, transaction history can be tracked and trends in your business performance can be identified with ease.
  • It can be ensured that you never overlook any missed payments and the software help you to make informed decisions based on your projected revenue.
  • The information can be customized so that you can get what you need fast.
  • You can launch your very own online store with in no time and your clients can be provided with 24/7 access to purchase your passes, gift certificates and merchandise online. You can even showcase your store right on your website.
  • A direct buy URLs can be offered that you can put as a button on your website or send to clients to streamline sales for introductory offers or your most popular memberships.
  • Your online sales process can be streamlined by customizing and automatically sending out purchase receipts by email as soon as the transaction goes through.
  • Email transaction receipts can be send directly to clients, whether they purchase online or in-person to reduce waste.

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