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Tattoo Studio Software

Tattoo Studio Software:

Tattoo Studio Software is a software that is used by tattoo shops, parlours, and studios to automate their daily operations and activities so that all aspects of their tattoo business can be managed.

Features and Benefits of Tattoo Studio Software:

The Tattoo Studio Software has several features that can benefit the user in many ways to grow their business. Some of these include:

  • The progress of every tattooist can be tracked to ensure benchmarks are being met.
  • Team members can work together productively across your organization by uisng this software.
  • All the tools you need to manage your business can be provided by the software using which you can get more clients, make more money, and protect your revenue.
  • Your calendar can be filled, your booked time can be maximized and new and existing clients can be delighted by the booking solution provided by the software.
  • Staff productivity and profit can be maximized by only showing online booking availability before and after booked time-slots.
  • Once you request deposits and payments online, no-shows and cancellations can be avoided.
  • Personalised appointment reminders can be send through SMS or email that automatically turn pencilled-in appointments to confirmed, when your clients respond.
  • Your staff can avoid wasted appointment slots and make the most of their day as the software automatically notify your staff of changes to their bookings.
  • You can build a deep profile of your clients and their appointment history and preferences as photos before and after a service can be taken and your consultation documents can be scannned.
  • Your appointment history, and those special tidbits on clients can be captured, so that you can pick up right where you left off next time you see them.
  • Your clients can manage their own appointments and details with your business through their own client portal, keeping you in control and saving you time.
  • Client requests can be easily managed and any last minute changes can be filled.
  • A seamless check out experience can be created for your clients with innovative payment solutions for front of house, mobile, upsell and more.
  • You will be able to tailor the services each member of your team is available to perform and rosters can be created that make managing available hours and days easy.
  • It easy to get deep insights and motivate your team with staff performance dashboards and reports.
  • You can decide the level of access and control you want to give your staff and choose what they can view or not.
  • You can see your entire business or view by location. As the software is  cloud-based and completely mobile, you can manage and run your team from anywhere.
  • You can keep your data safe, your business secure and ensures sales are accurately tracked against the right person with individual logins and the ability to quickly log out or switch to a different.
  • Your team and locations can be managed from anywhere, with flexible, easy to use tools that keep you in control of every detail. It can also ensure that your business and data is secure.
  • Insights can be provided by dashboard and in depth reports. This help in your decision-making, motivate your team and keep you in control.
  • Costly no shows can be reduced with secure online deposits or you can take the payment in full before an appointment with online payments.

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