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Barbershop Software:

Barbershop Software is a software that is used to manage every aspect of your barbershop automatically including appointment scheduling, POS, billing, marketing, staff, stock, sales, reporting and many more. The software helps you strengthen existing client relationships while building ties with new customers. Customer management, marketing, and handling of finances becomes easy with Barbershop Software.

Features of Barbershop Software:

The features of Barbershop Software include:

  • With the online booking feature of the software, it is possible to book appointments with clients 24/7 from any place. Their requests for an appointment with you can be confirmed by showing the available time slots.
  • The daily sales, monthly sales, and appointments can be tracked with Barbershop Software. You will also get reminders when the stocks get low. The billing process is speed up with barcode scan feature and allows cashiers to make more transactions in less time. Your payments are easily processed from Mobile devices and Computers.
  • The software comes with a user friendly interface and is compatible with all Hardwares including Cash Drawers, Printers, and Barcode Readers.  
  • Customized reports can be generated about different business activities of your Barber Shop that keeps you up to date to look for more business opportunities.
  • You can get Run Sales Report, Payroll, Inventory, Staff Performance, Best Selling products, Customer Retention reports and all other information in Reporting Dashboard.

Benefits of Barbershop Software:

There are several benefits of using a Barbershop Software. Some of these include:

  • Schedule new appointments is easy as you can you see your appointments at a glance and adjust to changes.
  • As you can see your schedule on any device, you will be able to schedule clients anytime, anywhere and plan your day accordingly.
  • Walk-in customer experience can be streamlined and front desk resources can be reduced by using this software.
  • You can customize your kiosk to suit your brand by adjusting background images, colors, switch between light and dark mode. You can even add employee photos to make the experience even more personal.
  • The names of new customer can be easily entered on your iPad and common services can be selected on their arrival. Phone number of existing customer can be entered to auto-populate the services they have previously purchased.
  • Information of any new client can be automatically captured and added  to your database of the software which help you simplify re-booking and grow your customer base.
  • Your financial situation can be viewed at a glance from the cash register to the back office. Credit card transactions can be processed and recorded for straightforward, accurate bookkeeping.
  • Payroll can be managed including bonuses and commissions. Incentive programs can be set up to reward your best employees.
  • A number of professionally made templates are available to choose for you to quickly and easily promote your business, and increase your revenue.
  • You can track your results to know which campaigns works best to boost business at your barbershop and repeat those campaigns to keep customers coming back
  • Automated reminders can be send to the customer through text or email reminders.
  • You can use the website templates to build your own website, and include online booking capabilities for your clients.
  • Credit card processing can be integrated that simplify checkout, consolidate reporting, sell memberships, store cards on file, and so much more.
  • You can get valuable feedback from customer by automated review tool that will help you manage customer satisfaction.

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