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Parcel Audit Software

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Parcel Audit Software:

Parcel Audit Software is a software that helps companies audit and claim refunds for late delivery, incorrect charges on the carrier's invoice, and lost or damaged packages.
Carrier performance can be monotored, billing errors and shipping inconsistencies can be identified, associated costs can be recovered, and shipping efficiencies can be promoted by using this software.

Types of Parcel Audit Software

  • Carrier Rate Audit Software
  • Duplicate Shipment Detection
  • Late Delivery Audit
  • Address Correction Audit
  • Dimensional Weight Audit
  • Freight Charge Audit
  • Surcharge Audit
  • Accessorial Fee Audit
  • Parcel Contract Compliance Audit
  • Customizable Audit Rules
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Real-Time Tracking and Monitoring
  • Shipment Refund Management
  • Automated Dispute Resolution
  • Integration with Shipping Systems
  • Carrier Performance Monitoring
  • Compliance with Shipping Regulations
  • Data Security and Compliance
  • Multi-Carrier Support
  • Cloud-Based Accessibility

Features and Benefits of Parcel Audit Software:

The Parcel Audit Software has several features that can benefit the user in many ways to grow their business. Some of these include:

  • Analytics tools can be provided to instantly discover costly carrier mistakes and uncover new optimizations.
  • You can discover and claim refunds that you owed from billing errors.
  • Shipping invoices and payments can be streamlined to save precious time and money.
  • You will be able to know where you need to improve by scoring your shipping contract.
  • Data across carriers can be normalized, custom reports can be scheduled and threshold alerts can be developed.
  • Your data can be simplified and make it easier to read, report and record in your accounting systems.
  • Your shipping data can be extracted and analyzed for potential refunds.
  • Your supply chain can be optimized and shipping expenses can be reduced by using this software.
  • Your supply chain can be powered with comprehensive visibility into your shipping operations.
  • Key shipping data can be accessed, your KPIs can be managed, and advanced reports can be run to gain enhanced insight and drive improved decision making.
  • Carrier performance can be monitored, guaranteed service and mischarge refunds from your private carriers can be maximized.
  • As visibility of your transportation practices can be gained it can lead to better decision making.
  • Access can be provided to reporting tools that provide real knowledge into your shipping characteristics.
  • All the invoices can be audited for correctness with automatic GSR filings.
  • More efficient shipping operations can be provided with improved bottom line.
  • A true carrier agreement rate audit can be provided for each shipment.
  • An extraordinarily simple way can be provided to customize executive dashboard reports and shipping/logistics metrics.
  • Professional quarterly reviews and training can be provided to ensure optimal use and understanding of our auditing tools.
  • Electronic audit of every shipment can be done to recover maximum money from parcel expenditures.
  • Administrative costs can be eliminated while increasing accuracy.
  • More billing errors can be identified than any manual parcel audit.
  • Delivery of client specific carrier audit services is possible including complex general ledger account code allocation on every shipment.
  • Various reports including Freight Audit Savings Reports, Zone Density Reports, Shipping Air vs. Ground Comparison Reports, Service Level Utilization Reports, Accessorial Summary and Detail Reports, Corrected Shipping Address Reports, Collect 3rd Party Shipping Reports, Shipments Manifested but not Delivered Reports and Oversize Package Reports can be generated.
  • Validation of your carrier contracts can be provided with global audits for all international and domestic parcel shipments.
  • Visibility at the level of detailed required, independent measurements of each carriers service, automation of your audit and accounting processes as well as effective and efficient management of your transportation spend can be provided.
  • All rates and cost items are calculated including bundle pricing errors, hundred-weight pricing errors, dimensional and weight pricing errors
  • Application of all discounts can be ensured by reviewing every shipment, including third-party shipments.
  • The software can ensure every shipment for address or account number correction, COD, dangerous or restricted goods, declared value, oversize, taxes and more.
  • It can also ensure every shipment for weekend or holiday pickup or delivery and residential pickup or delivery and more.

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