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Martial Arts Software:

Martial Arts Software is a software that is used to connect with your members and run your karate, judo, or any other martial art studio, school or camp smoothly.
Dynamic back office and client facing modules are designed with in the software that help providing client satisfaction and employee experience.

Types of martial arts software

  • Membership Management Software
  • Belt and Rank Management Software
  • Attendance Tracking Software
  • Class Management Software
  • Billing and Payment Software
  • Tournament Management Software
  • Video Training and Instruction Software
  • Performance Tracking and Assessment Software
  • Communication and Messaging Software
  • Website and Online Presence Software

Uses of Martial Arts Software:

  • Student management: Database, attendance, and progress tracking.
  • Class scheduling: Creating and managing schedules.
  • Belt progression and testing: Tracking student progress and automating testing.
  • Attendance tracking: Recording student attendance and generating reports.
  • Communication: Sending announcements and reminders.
  • Payment processing: Handling fees and transactions.
  • Skill and curriculum management: Organizing martial arts techniques.
  • Rank and certifications: Issuing certificates and recognizing achievements.
  • Reporting and analytics: Analyzing data for insights.
  • Marketing and lead generation: Attracting new students.
  • Online training and remote learning: Conducting virtual classes and providing videos.

Features and Benefits of Martial Arts Software:

The Martial Arts Software has several features that can benefit the user in many ways to grow their business. Some of these include:

  • Tools can be provide to your members for account management, online and offline registration, scheduling and bookings.
  • Your employees can be provided with an easy-to-use system for billing, booking, inventory and client management.
  • The software will help you save time on administrative tasks to focus more on your students.
  • Your website can be connected with the Client Portal to streamline martial arts class bookings on any mobile, desktop or tablet device.
  • The software accept payments on the Mobile App, Client Portal, Point-of-sale application, or Kiosk as it can be integrated with the global payment providers. Recurring credit card payments, cash, bank transfers, direct debit and more can be accepted.
  • As all of your data is back up in cloud database servers updated in real time, all of your client and business data is secure.  
  • All the metrics are automatically available to streamline your decision making processes in a timely manner.
  • The software help you eliminate and streamline administrative tasks from your workload to save you time and money.
  • Usually, the software is consist of a online contact database, website builder, communications system, booking system, finance and payment system, event platform, and other features that will help you manage your club more effectively.
  • Club members are allowed to sign up for classes online.
  • Online payments and fees can be instantly processed.
  • An easy-to-update martial arts organization website can be created with an event calendar and online resources.
  • Member communication can be improved through automated invoices, emails, and newsletters.
  • A complete contact database can be maintained which is easy to search, filter, and update.
  • Financial reports, analytics, and membership summaries can be generated.
  • A Client Portal responsive can be provided on any device for class, facility and personal training booking, registration, and payments on the go.  
  • A quick and easy sign up process can be provided for potential clients on the web that is customized for your brand.
  • All of your management needs including sales, membership management, billing, booking, marketing and reporting can be managed with ease.
  • The software can be integrated with email and social media to help market your club.
  • It can help you track attendance, manage competition and exam data, as well as members can be provide with a space to log in and review their information.
  • Features like time tracking software, reporting, and online registration can eliminate paperwork and efficiently manage your martial arts school.
  • Leads can be captured from your website, and communicate more easily.
  • Members are allowed to check themselves into classes, and helps you report on your membership.
  • All of your member data can be managed in one place including their account information, payment history, attendance, contracts and more.
  • Real time data on club member preferences and behaviors can be provided to inform all of your business decisions.
  • All the touch points and history of every health club member from top-to-bottom can be provided in the membership management module. Every visit, booking, transaction, and club interaction is stored on each profile of club member.
  • Customer satisfaction can be drived with a complete club management system powered by a strong UX profile and analytical capabilities.  
  • Everyday communication tasks can be automated for members to increase engagement and retention rates. 

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