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iPad Kiosk Software:

iPad Kiosk Software is a software that is used to secure and manage your enterprise Android, iOS and Windows 10 devices remotely from cloud-based Dashboard.
iPads can be used as public access terminals for browsing, feedback submission, online ordering, and more by using iPad Kiosk Software.

Features and Benefits of iPad Kiosk Software:

The iPad Kiosk Software has several features that can benefit the user in many ways to grow their business. Some of these include:

  • The device can be locked to a single application. Hardware keys, navigation can be blocked and the device can be made to run exclusively for your business.
  • Two or more apps can be allowed on the Android device, blocking the rest which is ideal for customer-facing and frontline use-cases.
  • Users can be restricted to specific websites and a safe browsing environment can be created on iOS devices.
  • You can Blacklist or Whitelist specific websites and restricts access to unwanted web content.
  • Custom wallpaper and lock screen message can be set on your iOS devices.
  • iPad, iPod Touch, or iPhone can be restricted to running only one app.
  • Messages can be send to devices or device groups with delivery and acknowledgment can be received for each message.
  • The real time location details of Android devices can be collected with location tracking and those can be viewed on the dashboard.
  • An app can set itself in Single App mode as well as exit from the same mode.
  • Any iOS app can be configured as an iPad Kiosk App, locking the iPad to a single app iPad Kiosk mode. Preventing device misuse can be aids in by iPad Kiosk Software by restricting the iPad strictly to business use.
  • Only one app in the foreground is allowed to run and users' access are restricted to any other apps or device settings.
  • Different business use case such as visitor self sign-in, customer feedback, user surveys, lead capture, etc. are used by several businesses, where it becomes important that the users should be restricted from exiting your app or use any other applications which can be done by using this software.
  • The control and management of your iOS devices can be centralized.
  • Apps, content, track device locations can remotely managed, a custom wallpaper can be set, and a host of other device settings can be managed to configure iOS kiosk app in kiosk mode.
  • It can be ensured that users cannot exit or close that application by running an iOS application in one app mode.
  • Hide status, address, and/or navigation bars can be provided to make your content look like a native app.
  • The navigation bar can be customized with your own color scheme and bookmarked links.
  • App settings and local content can be updated from your own server or Dropbox.
  • Homepage can be automatically refreshed and the cache and/or cookies get cleared to secure personal information after a visitor walks away.
  • Both unique and group identifiers can be set to manage and track your kiosks in the field.
  • a streamlined visitor experience can be created by using our powerful API to communicate with printers, cameras, scanners and card readers.

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