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Android Kiosk Software

Android Kiosk Software

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Android Kiosk Software:

Android Kiosk Software is a software that enables the user to lock down Android devices to a single app or a pre-defined set of apps.
All other apps and device functionalities like status bar, notification bar are disabled and users will also be restricted from making changes to any device settings on enabling Android Kiosk Mode.
Companies are using more and more of mobile devices at the workplace. The unnecessary usage can distracts the employees and affects their productivity Also downloading irrelevant apps or accessing any unsecured websites can put business data and devices into danger. Therefore, the organizations should ensure that their provided mobile devices are used for the work purpose only and not for the entertainment purpose of the employee. Kiosk mode allows the user to run only the browser based content in full screen and prevent the user from running anything else. Kiosk mode in mobile devices is used to lock down the devices and enable only the work related apps which are only required for your business. Users will be able to access only those apps which are enabled by IT admin of the organization.

Uses of Android Kiosk Software:

  • Android Kiosk Software are used in many business in which they want to limit the functionality of devices and make the user access a specific app only. This include retail stores, airports, hospitals, school campuses, company cafeterias, conferences, and other places.
  • Kiosks are interactive in situations like self-service access to products or services, automated check-in systems, surveys and other are for displaying information like showcasing catalogs.
  • Mobile devices like tablets or iPads can be used as (POS) Point Of Sales or digital signage or as kiosks to showcase the products or services in Kiosks mode.
  • Kiosk can be used as iPads at the restaurant for taking orders.
  • It can also be used by delivery boys with access to only required apps
  • It can be used to conduct a survey by the field researchers and to display your products or services

Benefits of Kiosk software for Enterprise:

There are several benefits of using Kiosk Mode for Enterprise. Some of them are as below:
  • Efficient asset management and customer experience is enhanced
  • Security of devices and data
  • Increases productivity and efficiency
  • Use of corporate devices is restricted for enterprise use only by the employees
  • It can be customized to specific enterprise requirements
  • Mobile data usage on unnecessary apps can be prevented and therefore reduces mobile data cost
  • Reduced time and cost of support
  • Device tracking can be enabled. Also, the pages users visit both for an individual kiosk and all of the kiosks in a project can be tracked. A straightforward description of the page can be stored in the title tag instead of an incomprehensible URL.
  • Attractive presentation of the complete product line or service range can be enabled on a single kiosk
  • Payment and inventory management is easy
  • Field employees can be managed easily & effectively from a single location
  • Kiosk software sends regular messages to a centralized server with performance statistics which indicate the current health of kiosk.
  • The software is able to monitor specified equipment, such as printers. It also send a message to the server and notified through emails when an anomaly is noticed, such as low on paper.
  • Kiosk software locks down the system and return to the start page after every use which avoids the settings changed and the screen to be set to the wrong page.
  • The concerns like protecting the desktop or application launcher, locking down the browser, remote monitoring, and resetting the application after each use can be eliminated with the Android OS.
  • Kiosk projects are significantly more affordable with Android tablets than traditional kiosks.

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