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Debt Collection Software

Debt Collection Software

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What is Debt Collection Software?

Debt Collection Software serves as a robust tool designed to track, follow up with debtors, and enhance the predictability and prioritization of debt recovery. This software empowers organizations by reducing dependencies on third-party collection agencies and automating various aspects of the debt collection process.

Features and Benefits of Debt Collection Software:

  • Accurate Borrower Profiling: Maintain accurate borrower profiles, covering all stages of the borrower life cycle for meaningful conversations and future use.

  • Data Import and Migration: Import existing and older cases from other software for a smooth transition and continuity in debt collection efforts.

  • Dynamic Debt Segmentation: Utilize DPD, credit repayment history, and repayment intent for automated borrower segmentation into different debt buckets. Categorize borrowers for effective collection strategies, including calls, emails, or field agent outreach.

  • Case Allocation and Distribution: Automatically allocate cases based on collector availability, agent resources, and geographical location. Managers can limit case allocation, ensuring high-priority debtors are addressed first.

  • Customer Activity Tracking: Track customer activities on various platforms, triggering tasks for collection teams in real time.

  • Targeted Notifications: Send targeted notifications reminding debtors of installment due dates and impending loan repayments.

  • Call Center Lifecycle Management: Manage the complete call center lifecycle, from the initial contact to repayment collection.

  • Field Agent Productivity: Enhance field agent productivity with reminder notifications, day planners, and route guidance.

  • Integration Capabilities: Integrate with CRMs, loan management systems, in-house applications, and third-party apps to overcome information silos.

  • Data-Driven Analytics: Derive data-driven insights on customers, collection efficiency, and team performances for informed decision-making.

  • Smart Analytics Dashboards: Gain insights on borrower profiles, agent performances, liabilities, pending payments, and more through smart analytics dashboards.

  • Performance Monitoring: Differentiate cases based on lead stage changes and generate performance reports for regions, agents, products, and teams.

  • Consolidated Reporting: Obtain consolidated reports on completed debt recoveries, intentions to pay, non-responsive debtors, and average recovery time.

  • Recovery Prediction and Automation: Assign recovery prediction scores and expected recovery times through automation and advanced analytics for individualized case management.

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