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Complaint Management Software

Complaint Management Software

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Complaint Management Software:

Complaint Management Software is a software that used to accept, categorize and track the complaints reported from customer and employee. It tracks and record all the complaint from initiation through resolution.
Issues can be linked to customers the software so that they are notified when their complaint has been resolved. The complaints can be prioritized using a variety of criteria and alert can be send to service personnel so that assets can be deployed to solve those issues by using Complaint Management Software. Records of complaints are also kept for further analysis. Usually the Complaint management software is owned by customer service and support teams. However, other departments and job functions also have access to it. The software is generally integrated with CRM software, help desk software, and customer self-service software so that complaints can be received at any customer interaction, and employees has the ability to create a record. The complaint management can also be directly built in these or other related systems. It allows business to business and business to customer sales professionals to manage sales, track leads and engage proactively with customers from anywhere.

Benefits of Complaint Management Software:

There are several benefits of using a Complaint Management Software. Some of these include:

  • You can keep a track on all customer complaints by converting them into tickets and hence the  issues reported through email, phone, chat, or social media can be easily managed.
  • The process of complaint management can be automated by categorizing, prioritizing, and assigning customer complaints to the right agents using this software. This will help the customer support agents to resolve the issues in much faster and in a more streamlined manner. Preset canned responses can be added to handle frequently reported issues which will help saving a lot of time.
  • Cross team collaboration is much easier by using this software as other internal teams can be looped by the agents within the ticket thread to ensure there are no lapses in communication before responding to customers. The ownership of tickets can also be shared and smaller sub-tickets can be created from a primary ticket for better internal team collaboration.
  • All the relevant resources required for your customers like solution articles and guides can be consolidated in one place which will help the customer to troubleshoot problems by themselves. Therefore, support tickets can be diverted and ensure that your agents are handling more complex queries.
  • The detailed insights into how well your support team is performing is provided by the in-depth reports which help the managers to increase individual accountability, and also identify the bottlenecks that are impacting the efficiency of the support processes. You can directly find out the requirement of customers from surveys which will help you in delivering a better user experience.
  • The software prevent customers from churning because of bad experiences, by ensuring their complaints are being handled with the right amount of care and attention to detail.
  • It help to improve agent productivity by improving their efficiency as much of their time is saved by the automated process.
  • Customer problems are resolved at the earliest, and users are offered the right solutions and troubleshooting steps to po prevent any negativity spreads which can impact the brand name.

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