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Catering Software

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Catering Software:

Catering Software is a software that is used to manage food processing and distribution and other business functions for the catering, event planning and banquet management industries.
The software supports walk-in, take-away, dine-in, home delivery, and online orders which could be very useful for mall cafes to multi-chain restaurants. You need to ensure that your system is unified when you are dealing with a larger deliverable. As the software offers features like Restaurant-Optimized Inventory Management, Recipe Management, Menu Engineering, Call Center Management, LIVE Business Dashboard, Kitchen Display System and lots more, all kind of business function including booking orders, processing orders, menu management and delivery management can be managed by using this software in catering business. Food production can be planned according to customer demand and the accuracy of the deliveries can be increased by using a catering software. It also help with analyzing the efficiency and the quality of the services that are delivered by the caterer.

Features of Catering Software:

Some of the common features of Catering Software include:

  • Customer orders can be manged and deliveries can be scheduled.
  • Orders can be processed to create the type of food purchased by customers.
  • Multiple payment options and payment processing functionality are available. Some catering softwares are integrated with payment processing software and accounting software.
  • Personnel can be allocated and managed during events
  • The software can also be integrated with event management software.

Benefits of Catering Software:

There are several benefits of using a Catering Software in the catering business. Some of these include:

  • All the costs and income can be tracked to help you accurately keep records of your earnings and spending. his helps not only saving your money but also your valuable time and lets you be productive without worrying over your budget.
  • Catering software is easy to use for everyone. Customer service support is available when you are stuck while using the software or face any issue. So, you can talk to the professionals
  • The software can be installed on either your laptop or any other device like mobiles, tabs that you use. As the software is cloud based, you will be able to access it from anywhere, at any time.
  • The dashboard is easy to access with fast shortcuts for orders, generating lists, etc. Customers can place orders quickly and do the payments with your credit cards.
  • Event time, catering time, allocate your staff, etc. can be created.
  • Food can be organized into different categories sand combos or single items can be created. You can also add images of your food, and do much more.
  • The software provides reliable estimates that help you keeping your budget as it is without increasing it up.
  • A lot of aspects of a catering business can be automated by using this software. for example, inventory management. An automatic alert can be generated for employees of their shifts each week which can help mitigating staff conflicts.
  • Every financial area of your business can be analyzed by generating various reports that will help users to identify areas that need improvement.
  • It helps to have a centralized system that is easily accessible for every aspect of the event. As all of the client data is centralized, you can deliver a faster and more efficient experience to the customer.
  • Along with collecting the customer data, it keeps all the data organized which is easily accessible whenever required.

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