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Auto Dealer Software:

Auto Dealer Software is a software that is used to automate business operations, customer relationship management and accounting for dealerships of used and new car .
An Auto Dealer Software can provide you high level insights to the finest details of your business which helps you to make better decisions and identifying the spot where you are leaking profits, areas of improvement and opportunity. All these will help you in the growth of your business. The software allow business owners to monitor dealership operations more efficiently and see the big picture more clearly by bringing together many parts of a dealership on a single interface.

Feature of Auto Dealer Software:

An Auto Dealer Software helps manage automobile dealership in a more structural manner by keeps you updated about your inventory, distribution, work orders and purchases. The cloud based technology combines many tools that are required to run your business into a single platform, making it easier to operate.  Deal Management, Inventory Management, Dashboards, Reporting & Analytics, Send Scheduled Reports, Vehicle Registration, Titling & Temp Tags and many more can be integrated with the software. The software ensures that your inventory is displayed online and it also has a tools set to help you maximize your inventory exposure. The software uses data centers to keep the back up which is maintained under security standards. Features like Lead Integration from Third Party Listings, Email & SMS Integration, Campaign Management, Tasks & Workflow Management, Click to Call & Recording, Instant chat, video calling, and Facebook Messenger in Integrated Messaging Center and many more are provided in the CRM module that help you with the automation, prospecting, and reporting.
The software makes it easier for customers and dealers to do business with Brands by providing some capabilities that include:

  • You can get all the product information or initiate a transaction by scanning a product serial number
  • Pictures can be added from camera to any transactions like a support request or a warranty claim
  • Connected products can be interfaced to capture information or send data to
  • Status of any transaction can be checked from mobile device
  • Notifications can be received for updates on any interaction
  • All the tasks can be managed with a consolidated in-box or work-queue
  • All information about products, customers, transactions and knowledge can be searched and accessed

Benefits of Auto Dealer Software:

There are several benefits of using an auto dealer software. Some of them include:

  • The Auto Dealer Software helps to improve Customer Experience, Technician Productivity, and Aftermarket Revenues.Productivity of field sales and service personnel can be improved.
  • As the customer service is faster, customer experience is enhanced.
  • Simplified access to information, knowledge and transactions.
  • Revenue is increased because of satisfied and loyal customers. Customer experience can be enhanced while reducing the cost of service delivery and grow revenues.
  • Cost is reduced because of accelerated delivery of mobile solutions.
  • Productivity is improved because of efficiencies of contact centers and service operations.
  • Customer Retention, Loyalty, and Profit Margins can be improved by arranging connected customer experiences across all channels including web, mobile, email, and stores.

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