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Auto Repair Software

Auto Repair Software:

Auto Repair Software is a software that is used by automobile repair shops and aftermarket retail stores to manages their business operations. The software helps the business owners and mechanics to create and send electronic invoices to their clients. It can help you save time and costs that is normally dedicated to the trivial process of writing auto repair invoices and estimates. Most of the Auto Repair Software are cloud based, mobile friendly, and can be integrated with third-party.

Feature of Auto Repair Software:

Inventory management, workflow management, accounting, and reporting are some of the features provided by the software to enhance your business.You will be capable of performing many task automatically and easily using these features. some of them include:

  • You will be able to keep track of all your recurring clients and their vehicles to provide a smooth and worry-free service to your customers.
  • The set of reporting options and accounting tools provided by the softawre will definitely make your life so much simpler. The reporting features will give you an idea about the performance of your auto repair business on a daily basis.
  • As all the data are stored in the cloud, you can access it from anywhere at any times.
  • A pre-built inspection checklists can be used or you can also create your own customized list of inspection items to keep a track of inspection and damage. Vehicle damage can be marked interactively.
  • You can order spare parts and keep all your items in categories. This helps not to miss a part and always have a good understanding of your inventory.
  • Jobcards can be created and accordingly work can be distributed to the technicians. You will also be able to generate estimates for your clients, and send quality invoices in minutes
  • Automatic reminders can be send to the clients through email when their car service is due. Clients can make online appointments for the service through a custom link provided to them.
  • The professional invoice templates provided by the software can be customized as per your requiremnt. As ou can change colors, add logos, add signatures, rewrite parts of the form, and even include custom fonts, you can create custom and unique auto repair invoices to your clients.
  • The software offers a built-in list of auto parts along with a list of common auto repair services to choose from
  • Unlimited number of vehicles details can be saved on your phone or tablet and is easily searchable for future use.
  • Critical data of the clients such as addresses, phone numbers, GPS coordinates, payment options etc are kept safe on your device and in the cloud.
  • The software can detect your current location and retrieve the exact address which is very useful for mechanics who provide mobile services.
  • Each auto parts have some barcodes which help for easy tracking. You will be able to scan a barcode using the camera of your phone and search for the item on your device.
  • As the software also supports offline mode, you can still build invoices and estimates when you are not connected to the Internet. All data will then sync to the cloud when you are connected again to the internet.

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