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Asset Tracking Software

Asset Tracking Software

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Asset Tracking Software:

Asset Tracking Software is a software that is used to document all the physical assets of a company by providing a a centralized platform that include details such as owner, location, contract and maintenance history for all assets in real time.
You will be able to provide barcode label for your equipment, manage the life cycle of your assets, track asset locations, and create accurate usage reports with performance analysis by using an Asset Tracking Software. The manual processes involved in asset management is automated which eliminate the requirement of manual labor. This help reducing wasted time, energy and expenses significantly. Asset tracking software is a digital, centralized system that allows your organization to track every details about each asset in real time in one place including pictures, product guides, key contacts, and contract terms for leased asset etc..
Asset tracking software is used by all types of organizations, where they need to track and maintain complex equipment. It is useful especially within companies that rely heavily on assets for operations, such as airlines, construction companies, fleet companies, and manufacturers. Factors like lost productivity, revenue, potential issues, and potential damage to customer relationships can be reduced by using an asset tracking software. Any permanent object that a business uses internally is refer to as a fixed asset. These are just not limited to computers, tools, software, or office equipment. A specific tool may ne utilized by an employee, which ultimately belongs to the company and must be returned. And therefore, it would be very easy for a company to lose control of them without an accurate method of keeping track of these assets.

Benefits of Asset Tracking Software:

There are several benefits of using an Asset Tracking Software. Some of them include:

  • The automated process of asset tracking eliminates the requirement for employees to track the assets manually which reduces human error that could lead to asset loss. It also takes care of revenue generating responsibilities and lower administrative costs.
  • It is easy to lose control of the asset without an accurate method of tracking of these assets. You could experience costly losses without even realizing it. Tracking your assets helps you avoid these losses and provide better accountability and cost savings.
  • Customer service can be improved by improving the function of your business in terms of reliability.
  • An asset tracking solution helps you identify asset utilization trends to help you plan for future growth.
  • Asset tracking can help you comply with regulations, such as FASB lease accounting standards, or achieve certifications, such as AIB certification.
  • Asset tracking helps you improving your efficiency by providing valuable, high level insight into the performance of physical spaces of your business, including the office, warehouse, and storage. This enables you to identify important links in the way these sectors utilize assets so they can streamline business operations.
  • Data tracking helps you anticipate the requirement of asset before it is necessary, like equipment maintenance.
  • The software help improve accuracy by providing a level of insight that help you understand where assets are, how they are being utilized, and what actions need to be taken to keep assets in play at all times.
  • The software optimizes usage of your fixed asset by scheduling jobs, assigning individuals, reserving materials, recording costs, and tracking relevant information, downtime involved, and recommendations for future action.
  • Preventive maintenance is done automatically that is based on maintenance plans and meter readings. Different techniques are used by different software packages for reporting when a job should be performed.
  • Reports can be generated very fast and easily, including asset location, utilization and cost reports. Managers can also include contract terms, lease or maintenance information in the reports and set contract expiration notifications.

Asset tracking is important for maintenance personnel, facilities managers, IT leaders and accounting and purchasing managers responsible for tracking inventory.

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