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EAM Software:

EAM Software is a software that is used to plan, optimize, execute, and track maintenance activities for the associated labor, inventory, skills, materials, tools, and information in a better way.
The process of managing the lifecycle of physical assets and equipment in order to maximize its lifetime, reduce costs, improve quality and efficiency, health of assets and environmental safety is known as EAM. It is also known as Computerized Maintenance Management System. Your goals can be outlined and it help you to achieve those objectives by considering budget and finances, HR and worker skills, spare parts and asset information.

Features and Benefits of EAM Software:

The EAM Software has several features that can benefit the user in many ways to grow their business. Some of these include:

  • Features like preventive maintenance as well as maintenance planning and scheduling can be included in Enterprise asset management (EAM) software applications.
  • The software can be integrated with wireless mobile solution to handle work orders.
  • A database of information about maintenance operations can be maintained which can be used to help maintenance workers conduct their work more effectively. Which assets require maintenance and which spare parts should be used to maintain equipment can be analyzed to use the proper one for maintenance.
  • It is also helpful for management in make decisions by providing calculated costs of machine breakdowns.
  • All completed and assigned tasks can be tracked and all the maintenance history on an asset or location can be recorded by using EAM software which makes it easier for organizations to provide the required documentation for compliance to the authorities. One of the compliance for safety is to keep a track of maintenance records which can be achieved by this software.
  • Preventive Maintenance Software, Reactive maintenance, Cost Control, Word order systems, Scheduling and planning maintenance are some of the different functions of EAM software.
  • Businesses can focus on the management, maintenance, condition, and performance of assets from procurement to disposal.  
  • Asset usability can be maximized, expenses can be reduced, and the overall quality and efficiency of workflow can be improved by controlling and measuring the performance by EAM software.
  • Asset performance data can be collected, managed and analyzed through EAM software which can have a positive impact on the overall asset management strategy of a business.
  • Your bottom line can also be accessed quickly and it can be ensured that assets remain profitable.
  • Work can be scheduled for employees and the right technician can be assigned to the right assets through a preventative maintenance strategy. The status of current work orders can also be tracked and the upcoming planned work can be viewed by work order management.
  • The entire lifecycle of an asset can be tracked and is stored into one centralized system, so that you will be able to access it no matter where an asset is in its lifecycle.
  • The usability of valuable assets can be increased and costly downtime can be reduced by building and implementing a predictive or preventative maintenance schedule.
  • You will be able to identify issues before they occur by tracking KPIs with the help of analytic tools provided by the software. So, an effective maintenance schedules can be created with the help of reporting and analytics.
  • An accurate understanding of the acquirement of inventory such as materials and spare parts can be formed so that you can analyze the demand for inventory throughout the workplace and begin to manage it accordingly.
  • The entire process of procurement, including requisitions, purchase orders, expediting, receiving, quotations and contract, and invoice matching can be automated that will help improve contract negotiation and vendor relationship management.

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