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Waiver Software

Waiver Software:

Waiver Software is a software that is used to create, customize, and e-sign digital waivers, and store signed documents securely.
Your inventories can be managed online, reservations can be centralized, payments can be processed and unified access can be provided to leading distribution channels.

Features and Benefits of Waiver Software:

The Waiver Software has several features that can benefit the user in many ways to grow their business. Some of these include:

  • Your waiver can be customized with the brand colors, logos, and fonts of your organization to provide a seamless user experience by the help of waiver editor.
  • As many waiver templates as you need to speed up the waiver crafting process, or transform an existing paper waiver to digital format can be created and stored.
  • Custom questions can be created with dropdowns, yes/no buttons, checkboxes, or other answer options. You can then, flag participants when specific answers are chosen.
  • Safety videos can be embeded into your waivers to ensure participants watch them before attending your event or activity.
  • Multiple initial or signature boxes can be added throughout the body of the waiver and participants can be instructed to draw or type their signature.
  • Customers can sign waivers in advance from your website from their tablet, computer, or mobile device, or they can sign at a kiosk on-site at the event.
  • You will be able to track which event attendees have signed the waiver as well as who has checked in at the event with check-in dashboard.
  • The software can be integrated with other tools to streamline the collection of marketing data.
  • Customers are allowed to create a password so that their information will be saved to auto-fill future waivers for fast and convenient signing with repeat customer auto-fill.
  • Archived waiver data can be exported in a zipped file that can be accessed at any time by the site admin by automatic archive.
  • Your existing papers can be converted into a digital waiver, and excess papers can be eliminated for good in just a few minutes.
  • You can simply search and find a digital signature waiver within seconds as all of your documents will be stored securely on our online cloud database and encrypted with 256 bits.
  • Participants can sign electronically and contactless ahead of time or at your location using any web enabled device virtually.
  • Your guests only have to enter their basic information once as you can bundle multiple documents together.
  • Groups of guests who have signed a particular document associated with an event can be managed and searched.   
  • A Group Coordinator can be assigned who can receive notification emails as group members sign their documents.
  • Your guests can sign in the language they prefer as you will be able to present your document and signing instructions in multiple languages.
  • An online waiver link to one or more documents can be created and the mode or events you wish to associate with the documents can be specified.
  • Attention can be drawn to specific sections in your digital waiver by including accept or decline and initial clauses within your document.

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