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Treasury Software

Treasury Software:

Treasury Software is a software that is used by large enterprises, including government organizations, trading companies, and hedge funds to automate the process of managing cash flow.
The software can be used for planning and organizing the financial aspects of the company. It can be ensured that the funds are used in the best possible way, the overall cost of funds is reduced, liquidity is maintained and operational and financial risks are tranquilized.

Features and Benefits of Treasury Software:

The Treasury Software has several features that can benefit the user in many ways to grow their business. Some of these include:

  • Clear visibility of your cash and liquidity can be provided, bank accounts can be controlled, banking and financial transactions can be managed, and you can stay compliant with company policies and regulations.
  • The entire process of managing the cash positions, debits and credits, interest rates, and foreign exchange rates of a company can be automated.
  • Real-time visibility about the financial position of your company can be provided. Payables and receivables can be tracked as well as global, multi-bank payments can be managed.
  • It can be ensured that your funds are being used at the right place by using this software.
  • You will be able to easily view the historical data and forecasted information relating to the cash flow in the organization.
  • All your global payments including current payments or scheduling payments can be managed in a centralized and secure manner
  • Risks can be easily analyzed with the help of your treasury software and risk management strategies can be designed to benefit your organization in terms of profitability and sustainability.
  • Different accounting tasks like journal entries, and general ledger updates can be automated to save time and achieve accurate results.
  • Your multiple bank accounts, including downloading bank statements, analyzing bank fees, etc. can be managed from a single module.
  • Contracts, debt activities, FX exposures, and other documents can be stored, tracked, and executed with high-end security.
  • It can be ensured that company policies and Government regulations are being adhered to throughout the entire workflow.
  • Existing data can be imported from other systems and regulatory reports can be generated.
  • It supports multiple currencies and cash flow reports can be generated.
  • Highly intuitive interface and integrated spreadsheet exporter can be included.
  • Detailed and summary trial balance reports as well as audit trial reporting can be generated.
  • Web connectivity and seamless importing of data can be allowed.
  • User-friendly and self-service reporting tools can be included that allow generating critical financial reports and sharing them with your team.
  • Operational efficiency and accuracy of daily cash positioning for an organization can be increased.
  • The software helps in cash forecasting and financial planning.
  • Multiple bank accounts and reconciliation can be easily managed. Bank fees can be analyzed and hedging can be automated.
  • Relevant information can be exported and reports can be generated. Reports delivery to internal and external stakeholders can be scheduled.
  • A full audit trail for every transaction can be conducted and financial deals can be managed.
  • All the global payments can be centralized from a single interface.
  • All the bank activities, including bank account management, statements, etc. can be centralized.
  • Complete information about the historical and projected cash flow within the organization can be provided.
  • Itcan be ensured that your business complies with all hedge accounting standards.

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