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Route Planning Software:

Route Planning Software is a software that is used by transportation and service dispatchers, fleet managers, and courier drivers for optimizing their trips.
Route Planning Software help you assists and enables route planning operations by providing an idea about the the number and type of vehicles required to deliver a certain number of orders. It also provide the path to be taken by each vehicle in detail during its journey.
A Route Planning Software can suggest the most efficient way to successfully execute the deliveries or pickups by taking in to consideration the factors like daily planning related data like order details, location details, fleet details and volumetric data along with operational constraints like traffic, time windows, skills and resources pre-configured into it. Route Planning Software is helpful for Small business owners who regularly make multiple deliveries in a single trip.

Features and Benefits of Route Planning Software:

There are several features and benefits of Route Planning Software. some of them are listed below:

  • As the software supports routes that changes daily, weekly, or seasonally, you do not have to worry about weekly pool cleanings, schedule sales visits, or delivery routes. The routing software will be able to plan routes that fit any schedule, shape, or size whenever your business requires you to visit customers. You can also use it for sales route planning along with dynamic delivery route planning or service route planning. All the activity on a route by a driver is tracked by GPS.
  • There is no need to install any hardware as you can use it on your regular computer or a smartphone. This is because it supports all browser and smart phones. You do not have to be worried about compatibility issues or mandatory yearly updates as regular automatic software updates happen many times per day at no additional cost to you.
  • It help reduce the amount of time it takes you to plan routes.
  • Your dour drivers and vehicles are in your control as you will be able to you track the GPS location of all your drivers on a map.
  • It help saving the time of your drivers and customers and thus the efficiency is increased.
  • A Route Planning Software will help you assist with all of your business needs such as planning employee schedules, routes, and tracking field personnel by improving customer satisfaction, lowering your operational expenses, and reducing the time required to plan routes.
  • It works for businesses of all sizes. It can provide individual routing for busy professionals, team routing for a single depot business, team routing for a multi-depot business and team routing for a multi-regional business as well.
  • You can plan optimized routes and schedules. For that you just need to type, copy and paste, or upload your list of customers or addresses that you need to visit. You can see the optimized route on your computer and get it on your mobile device right away, after hitting plan route and travel with it.
  • You can also do team route optimization and fleet route optimization by uploading large files having huge amount of orders, one or many depots. As it support for many regions, large number of drivers, optimized routes can be created and distributed to field personnel, and they can also be tracked in real-time. You will be able to track the team, move customers from one route to another, monitor your entire fleet, and much more from a single dashboard.
  • An overview of your entire operation can be provided by a Route Planning Software if you have multiple routes and drivers. You can re-assign drivers and vehicles, move an address from one route to another, and track route progress in real-time.

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