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Rental Software:

Rental Software is a software that is used by retail stores, rental property management firms, event rental shops and other rental businesses to automate business management, record keeping, and accounting.
The software provides you the ability to run your rental website, manage bookings, and track inventory.

Features and Benefits of Rental Software:

The Rental Software has several features that can benefit the user in many ways to grow their business. Some of these include:

  • Booking dates can be opened, fixed length rentals, time of day rentals, and has many ways to calculate pricing based on hourly, daily, weekly rentals by configuring the rental calendar.
  • You can edit products, customers, content pages, and change themes with comprehensive administration panel.
  • Your rental operation can be managed from quote to invoice and everything inbetween.
  • Your rental productivity can be incresed by becoming more efficient with the ability to act quickly on real time data.
  • Complete visibility of your rental assets can be gained so that you can maximize utilisation and minimize costs.
  • Deep insights can be gained into your valuable rental data so you can make more informed strategic decisions.
  • You will be able to understand your business in a whole new light with better controls and KPI monitoring.
  • You can choose the calendar method and style that fits your business. You have the option to choose from rental calendar on the homepage, rental calendar on the product page, different colors and styles that can be customized with CSS.
  • The start and end date, or just the start date and the rental length can be choosen by the customer.
  • Customer can also choose just the date, or date and time of day.
  • Buffer time or turnover times can be set globally for all your products, or individually for each product.
  • Flexible pricing model is provided. Support can be provided for both pro-rated and non-pro-rated pricing models.
  • Prices can be entered by hour, day, week, month, or year by product pricing rules grid.
  • You can choose if you want to charge for days your store is closed.
  • As prices are automatically calculated in-between, there is no need to enter in pricing for all periods.
  • The rental calendar can be disabled for the period when you store is closed like on holidays, weekends, or other times. Disabled days can be set as annually recurring disabled date for holidays, disabled days of the week if you are closed weekends or other days, disabled dates only for a certain product. All inventory can be booked out of stock for some reason.
  • you can pull out products that need maintenance from inventory and track who is going to do the repairs and how much it will cost as the software is integrated with maintenance ticket system.
  • Booking Calendar Feature such as number of months to show on date picker at a time setting, theme style, length for fixed rental selection, minimum and maximum rental period settings, turnover time before and after setting, umber of price points to show on the product listing page and product page can be provided.
  • Dropoff and pickup dates can be separate from reservation start and end date.
  • Next available rental date on the product page option can be shown.
  • The start and end date can be kept for the entire session the customer is browsing after they add to cart a rental product setting.
  • Rentals page can be send and returned to allow you to checkout and check-in rentals.
  • Checkout and check-in history page can be filtered by order or product.
  • An overview of your store sales and rentals can be provided with the many reports available such as products in cart, search terms, abandoned carts, reviews by customer or product, sales reports including orders, tax, invoiced, shipping, refunds, coupons.
  • Various rental reports including send and return report, send and return history, inventory report, serial number report, rental calendar by order and by start or end date can be provided.

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