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Car Rental Software

Car Rental Software

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Car Rental Software:

Car Rental Software is a software that provides a car rental tracking system for smooth and uncomplicated fleet management of car rental and livery agencies.
Car rental is the process in which you can rent a car for traveling in the outside place where you do not have your vehicle. The agencies that provides car renting service is called as car hirer. They provide car on rental basis for a specific period of time. Car rental software assists you to handle on demand car booking services through an integrated system and helps you to manage both the App of driver as well as the Customer.

Features Of Car Rental Software:

The common features Of Car Rental Software include:

  • The drivers have the option to accept or reject trips based on their current booking scenario and the future ride.
  • The drivers can manage and select their shift timing through the portal which is very user friendly. It also helps drivers to decide to do full time or part time shifts.
  • Drivers can locate the customer by the help of lot of comprehensible features and integrations and highlights provided by the software and give a call to the customer to reduce the waiting time.
  • The messenger notifications can help simplify internal communication and increase productivity between the dispatchers and drivers. The drivers get their driving orders and directions safely and economically by using clear written messages produced by cellular data instead of text messages or SMS.
  • The complete daily, weekly, and monthly earnings of the driver can be easily monitored and managed.
  • The drivers have the option to switch their availability status between online and offline which helps the driver for swift dispatch by prompt availability status and easy connectivity.
  • The users can have a E-Wallet system using which they can pre-load the wallet with money for automatic payment from it which helps to eliminated the need for entering the card details every time.
  • The existing customers can get a good concession on their next ride by referral discounts.
  • The entire operation can be done in multiple languages and the system supports the users to manage their entire fleet of cars competently. It lets the user choose their language to ease their booking.
  • Payment transactions are safe as the software is incorporated with payment gateway software. Also, the admin commission and host commission were splitted and directed to their account immediately without holding of the payment.
  • Users can get benefited from every single booking done through the affiliate program which they have subscribed to.
  • Features like car inventory, car history reports, customer records, payment handling, GPS tracking, and bookkeeping are included in the car rental software.
  • Customer can get round trip benefits and get the cheapest rides for outstations.
  • The host can rent out the car and also can scale his earnings from the host revenue report and analytics.
  • The revenue of the host can be escalated by permitting them to list multiple numbers of cars and manage its listing by types of cars and keep the calendars perfectly synchronized.
  • The reports generated on every single vehicle is digital and every detail is documented.
  • The software helps in tracking the car as it has real time access and map incorporation facility.
  • The software helps the admin to manage the car renting, leasing and fleet management requirements by supporting multiple language.
  • Various reports can be generated including reservation associates reports, duty register reports, bill detail report, city wise report, dispatch associates report, revenue reports, and driver reports by the admin.
  • The live location of the vehicle can be tracked and the fleet can be managed by the admin. the admin can also track the behavior of driver to make sure they are following all safety measures and driving guidelines.  
  • The admin can manage all the branches from a single location through the multi-branch management feature.

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