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Preventive Maintenance Software:

Preventive Maintenance Software is a software that is used to streamline your maintenance activities including asset management, budgeting, managing maintenance costs, maintenance scheduling, inventory management.
The sofftware can help you developing preventive maintenance plans. The preventive maintenance tasks can be automated to ensure there are minimal equipment downtime and maintenance costs.

Features and Benefits of Preventive Maintenance Software:

The Preventive Maintenance Software has several features that can benefit the user in many ways to grow their business. Some of these include:

  • A maintenance strategy can be developed that uses a complete PM calendar based on events, meter readings, or schedules.
  • A rotatable dashboards and customizable reports can be offered so that custom KPIs, such as MTBF, MTTR, and real-time progress tracking can be created.
  • Data can be shared and synced across multiple mobile devices. You can also have an instant notification system, and identification barcodes
  • Your maintenance departments can be made more efficient, quicker, and also repair costs can be reduced in the long run by using the mobile app.
  • A proactive approach can be offered to work order management.
  • Predictive maintenance leads to less equipment failure, easier facilities management, efficient spare parts usage, and better equipment maintenance in the long run as compared to reactive maintenance.
  • All your work orders can be managed, asset information can be configured, PM schedules can be set from one screen. You can also get reports, view logs, and KPIs, and manage routine maintenance work.
  • Any piece of information related to your equipment or asset can be tracked. Custom fields can be created, unplanned work can be figured out, and custom strategies can be deployed.
  • Host-to-vendor communication channels, a multi-language interface, IoT sensors, automatic PM task logging, and inventory management can be offered.
  • Ffacility managers and maintenance managers can work more efficiently by automated preventive maintenance scheduling, push email notifications, and live maintenance tracking.
  • The software helps in reducing downtime and allows you to get decision-making insights through reports.
  • The asset lifecycle can be extended and it helps teams achieve greater ROI through quicker and more efficient execution and communication.
  • Preventive maintenance work orders can be created at any time and notifications can be received whenever the tasks are updated.
  • The data can be back up daily and stored on the cloud. So, you can access all your business information from your mobile device at any time.
  • Communication and group collaboration can be streamlined by offering varying levels of access to technicians, administrators, overseers, and requesters.
  • The software can be used by technicians, maintenance managers and seasoned maintenance operators for process tracking, work order processing, and inspections scheduling that help keep track of maintenance management checkpoints.
  • Downtime can be reduced by ensuring equipment availability, boosting production, extending asset life, cutting waste and rework.
  • A safe and compliant workplace can be maintained by establishing SOPs for health and safety, managing and tracking incidents. recording and verifying compliance, managing permits and audit documents.
  • Cost can be controlled by reducing labour expenses, purchasing fewer parts and spares, tracking and managing warranty costs.
  • People and processes can be managed by oganizing assets, documents and work orders, scheduling maintenance and labour, wasting less time on administrative tasks and getting more insight into vendor relationships.
  • Information can be organized by customizing and automating reporting; tracking  maintenance KPIs and metrics; and building detailed asset histories.
  • Preventive maintenance can be coordinated by creating triggers for maintenance, using condition monitoring sensors and standardize preventive tasks.

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