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Permit Software:

Permit Software is a software that is used by organizations to help them with issuing, tracking, and renewing approvals for regulated activities.
Operational, maintenance, scheduled and unscheduled works can be synced in organizations. Operational efficiency and productivity can be increased as well as maintenance, and works domain can be addressed by using this software.

Features and Benefits of Permit Software:

The Permit Software has several features that can benefit the user in many ways to grow their business. Some of these include:

  • Project details, applications, fees payments, and more can be managed to conduct permit inspections.
  • Users are allowed to view site permits, consent decrees and/or other regulatory documents to recognize actionable requirements.
  • The Software can be integrated with other key applications such as Reg Tracker, Compliance Calendar, and Action Tracking System so that all your site requirements can be can streamlined and digitized.
  • The applicable permits either Federal,State or Local of a site can be simplified and organized into operational requirements.
  • It can be scaled to any type of permit or consent decree.
  • Contingency and response plans can be prepared by using 'What-if' Scenarios of Permit Manager.
  • Responsibility and compliance method can be assigned by activity.
  • Permit Manager scalability and flexibility can be leveraged for documentation of any type of permit or consent decree.
  • Permits and search can be quickly accessed for key requirements or terms.
  • Document revision, renewal, and expiration dates can be easily managed.
  • Compliance activities can be described in easily understandable operational terms and ownership can be assigned.
  • All your important data and dates related to permits can be stored and tracked in one centralized location that is accessible to employees across your organization.
  • You can get automated notifications when you need to reapply for a permit or when a permit expires.
  • The conditions that are required for your organization to ensure ongoing, up-to-date compliance can be identified with all your permits.
  • Historical permit information can be used to auto-populate new permits and satisfy requirements for ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 45001.
  • Emissions and operational thresholds can be established directly in the Permits Management application by the users. The software then calculate and monitor against those thresholds to alert your team immediately if a threshold is breached.
  • Compliance performance metrics can be accessed for permits across the organization with real time dashboards and scorecards that immediately summarize compliance status and other related information.
  • Tasks can be assigned and actions can be follow-up related to permits and certificates to employees and that can be tracked to completion to maintain compliance across the organization.
  • Valuable insight can be gained into your risk exposure and the financial impact it has on your business.
  • Comprehensive reports can be generated to easily build forecasts and summaries. Budget requirements can be determined and costs can be minimized.
  • Performance of your organization can be tracked based on personalized Performance Indicators. Accurate audits can be performed based on PTW data.
  • Ongoing investigations can be assisted by your own PTW data as it is readily accessible and the knowledge to perform high risk or tasks that are more likely to cause incidents can be highlighted using this data.
  • Basic permit to work metrics such open, live, suspended according to area maps and types of permit such as hot, cold, gas cutting etc. can be accessed.
  • Control, co-ordination and communication can be easablished, correct work sequences among established parties can be facilitated with a single window view that is enhanced by detailed area maps for visibility.
  • Resources can be managed in effective way eliminating the human error with increased information availability for each equipment and isolation points as well as procedures can be implemented.

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