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Mobile Device Management Software:

Mobile Device Management Software is a software that is used by IT teams of a company to provide visibility and control required to secure, manage and monitor any corporate-owned or employee-owned devices that access corporate data.
Your enterprise workforce can be empowered with the power of mobility, by enhancing employee productivity without compromising on corporate security.

Features and Benefits of Mobile Device Management Software:

The Mobile Device Management Software has several features that can benefit the user in many ways to grow their business. Some of these include:

  • A wide range of security policies can be offered that enables your IT administrators to keep data secure and prevent data leakage. Strong security policies are enforced to protect corporate data.
  • Smartphones, laptops, tablets, and desktops and multiple operating systems such as iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, and Chrome OS can be managed by using mobile device management software.
  • You can seamlessly view, control and debug your devices remotely by taking control of your Android fleet.
  • Your application can be monitored for field failures and alerts can be triggered easily which help reducing device downtime and increasing performance.
  • App and device issues can be instantly debugged, updated through OTA, removing the need for site visits.
  • Strong password policies can be enforced to protect critical company data stored on mobile devices.
  • The integrity, security, and compatibility check of Android device can be performed and policies can be assigned accordingly.
  • A device can be locked into single or multi-app Kiosk mode and access can be prevented to system settings or any other apps by IT admin.
  • Your employees can be restricted from taking screenshots of work apps on their personal devices.  
  • Wi-Fi Settings can be configured so that device connection can be blocked to unidentified networks.
  • Any compliance violations can be detected and appropriate actions can be taken accordingly.
  • The IT administrator are allowed to remote wipe/factory reset device to prevent data loss or theft.
  • Security breaches like forceful SIM card swap or unsuccessful exit incident from the Kiosk Mode can be monitored.
  • Insights can be provided into the activities performed by administrator on the Scalefusion dashboard.
  • Users can be restricted from copying or sharing data or documents from work apps to personal apps.
  • Screenshots can be taken, screen sessions can be recorded and context-aware support tickets can be created on integrated ITSM platforms.
  • Unified contact lists across your organizations can be created and published.
  • An iron-grip on your mobile bills can be provided by giving you a fine-grain control of outgoing and incoming calls.
  • The dashboard is powerful, intuitive and insightful which allows you to manage your devices, apps, and content from one place.
  • Business emails can be accessed with superior security through Exchange, POP and IMAP.
  • As the software is user-centric, it can help businesses to improve growth, efficiency and reduce costs with mobility.  
  • Device performance can be upkeep to improve productivity by troubleshooting device issues remotely which help saving cost.
  • IT productivity can be improved by automating data-driven compliance checks and security alerts.
  • You can have granular control of outgoing and incoming calls by whitelisting contacts. Enhanced control can be gained with custom dialer.
  • Granular app details can be fetched and app licenses can be managed on mobile devices.
  • Data integrity can be maintained on devices by separating company work profiles from personal profiles.
  • You can geographically locate the device and wipe its data to ensure corporate data safety in case of loss or theft.
  • Jail-broken and rooted devices can be easily discovered within your organization's network.
  • Your network can be protected with role based device usage permissions and customizable access to corporate accounts.
  • Access can be restricted only to enterprise approved apps and accounts.
  • It can be ensured that email attachments are viewed only through certain managed apps.

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