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Mobile Credit Card Processing Software:

Mobile Credit Card Processing Software is a mobile payment processing solution that lets businesses manage transactions, generate invoices, send invoices & estimates, accept online payments and manage your business.
Businesses can accept payments on their mobile devices by using this software.

Features and Benefits of Mobile Credit Card Processing Software:

The Mobile Credit Card Processing Software has several features that can benefit the user in many ways to grow their business. Some of these include:

  • Mobile payment solutions can be created for peer-to-peer (P2P) exchanges for P2P payments using debit card, credit card, and bank account.
  • Customers are allowed to make payments using their credit and debit cards as the software supports cards from all major banks & networks. International card payments from customers in various countries can also be accepted.
  • Payments can be securely accepted from your customers through multiple payment modes by Payment Gateway.
  • The processing fees are simple and transparent, and it is easy to use. However, the rates vary depending on what type of processing equipment you use.
  • The software lets you accept cash, checks and gift cards along with processing credit and debit card payments.
  • You can open tabs and split tickets, prompt customers for tips right on the screen, automatically set discounts, process transactions offline, email, text or print receipts.
  • Customer contact information can be collected and managed.
  • Customer cards can be securely saved on file for future use.
  • Employee permissions can be set and customers are allowed to place orders for pickup.
  • Digital invoices can be send from the the Dashboard that your customers can pay online.
  • Inventory can be tracked in real time, with the ability to set customized alerts.
  • Analytics can be viewed and a wide variety of reports can be generated from the dashboard.
  • The software can be integrated with accounting software and other business applications.
  • Several software applications can be offered that you can add to your system.
  • Online selling is possible with a mobile-ready online store. As you get a prebuilt, customizable storefront, so there is no need for any web design or coding skills to get started.
  • Your inventory and orders are always up to date as it can be synced with POS. In-store pickup is supported making it useful for both stores and restaurants.
  • The POS mobile app can be used on both Android and iOS devices, even when you are offline.
  • You can also record other payment types, split payments, accept gift cards, send invoices, and save cards on file with the help of this software.
  • Inventory can be added for faster checkout, customers are allowed to add tips, and print, text, or email receipts.
  • All major credit cards are accepted. You can also accept magstripe, chip, and contactless (NFC) credit card payments depending on the reader.
  • Payout time is less compared to other processing software.
  • Along with mobile credit card processing, other features can be provided to help you run other areas of your business, such as inventory management, appointment booking, staff management, invoice management, and email marketing.
  • It can also be integrated with other tools to pull reports that include all of the data. Analytics reports can also be viewed.
  • Discount/sale/tax/tip settings can be configured, refunds can be applied, and email receipts can be send.
  • A simplified product catalog can be offered so that you can set items and pricing, including item modifiers, variations, and add-ons. Invoices can also be send to customers for payment at a later date.
  • The software can be integrated with most major ecommerce platforms, so that you can accommodate both in-person and online transactions.

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