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Mining Software

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Mining Software:

Mining Software is a software that provides full control of all device and a complete overview of your mining farms in a single place to make insightful decisions.
Profit can be enhanced and manual intervention can be decreased with in mining farms by using this software.

Types of mining software


  • Exploration and Geological Modeling Software
  • Mine Planning and Design Software
  • Fleet Management Software
  • Mine Production Management Software
  • Mine Safety and Risk Management Software
  • Environmental Monitoring and Compliance Software
  • Mine Financial Management Software
  • Mine Asset Management Software
  • Mine Data Analysis and Reporting Software
  • Mine Health and Safety Training Software

Features and Benefits of Mining Software:

The Mining Software has several features that can benefit the user in many ways to grow their business. Some of these include:

  • The software can combine stats, monitoring, automation, auto adjusting overclocking settings, reporting and pool integrations.
  • Solution can be provided for all miners from PC or laptop owners to large scale mining farms.
  • With a dedicated web console it helps monitoring and remote management of all your devices.
  • The software can be fully automated and optimized for both profit and the highest performance on all operating systems.
  • The coin value and difficulty can be continuously scanned by automatically switching your mining efforts to provide the highest profitability at any given time.
  • The auto algorithm switching can be disabled and you can manually choose which coin to mine if you are an advanced miner and already have hardware optimized for a specific coin such as your clock, memory and core settings.
  • The GPU sleep, intensity and scheduling can be adjusted so that, profitability and performance optimization can be allowed per algorithm.
  • You can see the best performance for your hardware at a glance as the performance for each configuration is displayed.
  • You can return to a previous version at the click of a button by a full log of historical settings.
  • A more customized mining experience can be provided by advanced hasing algorithm settings.
  • Benchmark timeout, miner sleep, GPU intensity and many more can be changed.
  • The most profitable third party miners can be enabled for increased earnings.
  • Your GPU can be fine tuned in the same way as other overclocking software or use our suggested GPU settings by built-in overclocking with suggested settings.
  • Your earnings, stats, withdraw funds can be viewed and users can be managed in the Web Console.
  • Your rigs can be controlled and your mining can be monitored from the Web Console by Central Miner Management. You can also start, stop, restart and reboot your mining hardware remotely.
  • Configurations and groups can be assigned for advanced control and monitoring.
  • You can quickly enroll the Miner on all your rigs using network based auto-enrolment in DNS-based enrollment feature.
  • Auto updating of mining device software can be done.
  • Automatic updates can be provided with new and updated miners, coins and algorithms.
  • It has the ability to run as a service and run through Command-line interface.
  • You can get paid instantly without having to wait for the payout from the pool.
  • It has added security with Multi-factor authentication.
  • The software is able to mine different cryptocurrencies on the GPU and CPU concurrently, ensuring you get the maximum return from your device.
  • Control can be accessed when required without maxing resources if you are mining on a rig. It can also be ensured the miner does not get in the way of day-to-day productivity for those mining on a standard PC.
  • It can be viewed which coins can be mined from your hardware and the hashrates achievable for each.
  • The monthly earning potential can be viewed based on your hardware, the market value of the coins, the amount of time and processing power assigned to mining, and any advanced settings selected.
  • Your CPU and GPU stats such and temperature, fan speeds, graphics and memory clock settings can be viewed.
  • History of benchmarks and results including power usage can also be viewed.
  • Your mining history per coin and current hash and which coins are available to mine can be viewed and benchmark hashrates per coin.

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