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Massage Therapy Software

Massage Therapy Software:

Massage Therapy Software is a software that is used by massage practitioners for booking, appointment management and staff scheduling.
Documentation tools can be provided to seamlessly fill and manage your schedule. The software automatically send branded and customized booking confirmations, deliver text reminders, let employee reschedule on their own, and process payments from the moment clients book with you, so that your day-to-day activities runs smoother even as business gets busier.

Features and Benefits of Massage Therapy Software:

The Massage Therapy Software has several features that can benefit the user in many ways to grow their business. Some of these include:

  • All your massage appointment scheduling, online booking, payments and marketing can be managed to streamline and automate your massage practice, so that you can focus on growing your revenue faster and can offer the best possible experience for your clients.
  • Integrated payments, online booking, email reminders, reports, and more can be provided.
  • Your massage practice and business workflows can be streamlined to save time on admin and reduce no-shows with automated SMS appointment reminders and email reminders.
  • You can get more appointments and boost cash flow as both online bookings and payments can be accepted 24/7 from your website which is convenient for your clients,  and reduces workload for you.
  • Massage therapy and client management can be improved as appointments, client files and previous massage data can be accessed by you and your massage therapists on-the-go. Notes can be added securely to your client's profile for a better customer experience.
  • You can be prepared for every massage appointment, as a secure, central database including client contact details, online scheduling, documents and clinical notes can be provided.
  • A profile can be created for new clients and get to know them better. You can have access to their contact details from anywhere if you are on the road or running a multi-location massage practice.
  • New promotions can be advertised, e-marketing can be done and appointment reminders can be automated through SMS & email to reduce no-shows or collect reviews. Loyalty programs and student discounts can be created in just minutes.
  • A profile can be set up for each new client and a quick peek can be taken before each appointment for a refresher on their details, notes, appointment history, documents and more to ensure your massage therapy business is humming.
  • Appointment scheduling including managing multiple massage therapists with different availability, services and rates can be managed easily. User permissions can be set up to control access to sensitive info.
  • The financial side of your massage business can be managed easily by recording payments, creating invoices and tracking your expenses.
  • It is easier to add services or product sales to the initial appointment or assign team members to a sale for reporting and commission purposes with the pop-up  screen with payment processing and pictures.
  • You can get the data on your busiest day, most popular service or massage therapist with insights and reporting and use this information to improve your practice.
  • Personalized message, automated appointment reminder, promotion or for billing and payments can be send through SMS directly from the software.
  • The SMS can be customized with your own words and sender name. A time period prior to the appointment can be choose to send that works for your business.
  • promotions, newsletters, feedback surveys or special offers can be send directly from the software. A template can also be created and saved for next time.
  • Tags can be added to your database to help you filter clients into groups and ensure you only send them relevant content.
  • You can automate emails based on behaviors, preferences or previous appointments by integrating with online marketing platforms and build out your business.
  • A report of clients that have been inactive for few months can be instantly generated to send them an email or SMS directly from the software with a special offer to win them back to your practice and reduce churn.

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