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Lost and Found Software:

Lost and Found Software is used to  identify, track, store, and return missing property to the right owners in hospitality, travel, local governments and other customer facing organizations. These software can manage lost and found property, chat with customers, organize returns, and create automated reports in one centralized dashboard.
The main purpose of Lost and Found software is to ensure all lost items are returned to their right owner in a timely and efficient manner. It also provides for the care, restitution, sale and destruction of unclaimed, lost, or abandoned property. The process of lost and found involves claiming of property, returning it to the right owner or sold at auction after the retention time frame has passed. Lost and Found software is an easy to use application that provides many functionality to help finding the possessions of an individual in an efficient way.

Features of Lost and Found Software:

Lost and found software help improve customer loyalty and increases the efficiency of staff members by providing the below features:

  • Eliminate storage requirement by printing storage tags, organizing items, and emailing receipts to customers.
  • Maintain digital records to track and manage lost and found claims.
  • Efficiently returning the lost items back to their rightful owner by matching lost items to found items in seconds.
  • Documenting, tracking, and managing a  lost item claim is time taking as you need to collect all of the information over the phone, write it down, log it into a spreadsheet, and then find and communicate it all again with teammates. Also you have to track this item manually as found items start appearing in your storage bin. All these can be manged by a lost and found software ver easily with no time.
  • The ability to submit a lost item claim through your website of property helps in many way for your customer experience and your operation. This include:
  • Avoiding the mistakes done manually by a staff member while taking down vital information associated with a lost item claim such as an incorrect item or the name, phone number, and misspelled email.
  • Customers can submit a lost claim from anywhere which removes the stress and problems of 'not knowing.'
  • The amounts of time spend by the customer looking for a lost and found department, desk, or kiosk can be eliminated.
  • Customer does not have to continuously call to check on the status of the possibility of finding their lost item.
  • As everything was captured directly into your system and customer can view it from the comforts of where they are, they have the peace of mind.
  • Customer get a receipt emailed to them, which they can print as well.
  • There is no requirement of any follow-up call from your customers for the lost item by your team.
  • There will be no chance of miscommunication as all the information get saved in the system once your customers submit their request which help improving your ability to get lost items back to customers.
  • Lost and found software provides a a simple, documented process for reporting and staying up to date on the status of the lost possessions to the customer.
  • The auto match features provides match for the posted items when a person claims lost items and provide all vital information related to it.
  • Lost and found software is easy to use and easy to maintain as lost items can be searched by category or by the keyword.
  • New features become available when the program is updated.

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