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Job Evaluation Software:

Job Evaluation Software is a software that is used to simplify the process of assessing and comparing jobs within an organization and across industry.
The software helps creating a better informed and more flexible organizational model by reducing the workload for your HR team when it comes to making reward decisions.

Features and Benefits of Job Evaluation Software:

The Job Evaluation Software has several features that can benefit the user in many ways to grow their business. Some of these include:

  • Jobs can be assessed through an objective, systematic process of elimination, creating a measurement and description for every job. The relative value of jobs can be assessed through a consistent set of factors, skills and requirements to align compensation strategies.
  • Pay scales can be justified and gender bias can be eliminated in assignments and compensation by complete, fair and transparent, Job Evaluation.
  • The need for trained resources, and its objective can be reduced, and the need for written Job Descriptions can be removed.
  • The time to complete evaluations can be reduced and defensible results can be produced through a transparent and more objective process.
  • Levels can be assigned to multi-dimensional factors and values can be pointed to express their worth based on a Job Evaluation Factor Elimination Scheme.
  • Several standard reports as well as a full query can be produced to support the Job Evaluation process and extract tool can be provided for ad-hoc reporting.
  • Comprehensive support is provided before, during and after the implementation of the scheme.
  • You can safeguard against potential discrimination challenges as the software measures the job, rather than the person.
  • There is no requirement for a Job Description as a Job Summary can be produced by the software.
  • As a Job Holder's and her/his Manager's responses can be set as carefully tailored questions under each of the factor headings, minimal training is required.
  • As each Job Evaluation is typically completed in less time, responses to certain questions rule out the need to answer others.
  • Transparent and consistent is provided as job scores are directly linked to question responses.
  • An audit trail of answers are available to questions enables cross comparisons of Jobs.
  • Job holders can feel bought in as they are directly involved in evaluating their own Jobs. Job score can be used to design a grading structure.
  • Market bench marking can be made more precise and the possibility of overpaying or underpaying your staff can be reduced.
  • Your organization's structure can be reviewed by highlighting the relationship between roles and their reporting lines.
  • Overlaps and gaps in responsibilities between your business functions can be identified.
  • Career, talent management and succession planning opportunities can be identified by mapping out the relative size of your roles and their responsibilities throughout the organization.
  • The basis of a fair pay system can be formed that can underpin the existing or pending grading structure that you use to manage pay and benefits.
  • The job evaluation software is readily accessible and all of the data can be easily controlled and organized that you need from wherever you are based.
  • As less time is required for grading jobs, you can get more time making the changes that enable business development and growth.
  • The job grading system is a credible way to demonstrate the reasoning behind your decisions as it is based on sound principles and practical HR experience of different job evaluation methods.

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