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Jail Management Software

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Jail Management Software:

Jail Management Software is a software that is used to increase the safety and efficiency of correctional facilities by simplifying data organization at incarceration facilities.
Inaccuracies and inconsistencies in the heavily populated punitive system can be reduced by using Jail Management Software.

Features and Benefits of Jail Management Software:

The Jail Management Software has several features that can benefit the user in many ways. Some of these include:

  • Jail management software is used by jail management officials such as sheriffs, wardens, and other types of administrators to track inmate cell and facility location, record inmate booking and release dates and maintain a searchable booking history.
  • Inmate locations can be tracked throughout multiple facilities, booking and release dates of individuals can be retained, access to inmate medical records can be centralized, cell distribution can be organized by using this software. It can also keep up with incidents, and provide updated information on jail populations.
  • Access to a range of legal or organizational documents and records can be centralized.
  • It can be integrated with Automated Fingerprint Identification Software (AFIS) and paperless document management to simplify access to information.
  • Interoperability between departments can be maximized for smarter, more coordinated responses.
  • Dispatchers can send the right units to the right location in the fastest amount of time, improving outcomes by using this software.
  • Essential location information can be provided to responders and helps save lives by locating lost cellphone callers with an outbound text.
  • The fastest and most accurate recommendations with advanced features like unit swap and auto dispatch can be provided with more insight into resources, capabilities, routing, speed limits, number of units and their proximity to the incident.
  • It helps manage efficiency and operational overhead by sharing between multiple jurisdictions and tracking of inmates from booking to release.
  • All aspects of the inmate's incarceration from booking to release can be tracked. This include initial intake, alerts, charges, sentencing, property, housing, medical, incidents & disciplinary actions, classifications, scheduling, and much more.
  • As real time, complete data on inmates can be provided, it leads to increased safety for staff and the inmate population.
  • A intuitive, modern graphical user interface can be provided for rapid and accurate access to all information.
  • A single point of data entry across the full suite is provided, including access to Master Index and RMS information.
  • The need to re-key information can be eliminated by bringing forward the existing data, increasing speed and accuracy.
  • A sophisticated interface engine can be included that provides data integration with a wide variety of external systems to save time and reduce errors.  
  • The common inmate management functions, such as movement, exchanges, logs, headcount, information lookup, and more can be supported through the effective employment or bar code technology.
  • An extensive and flexible suite of reporting capabilities can be provided with complete data audit capabilities and robust system security.
  • Fully scalable architecture which support both large and small jail operations.
  • A complete set of Jail Management modules is provided with integrated data utilizing master indexes which can be connected to other system modules.

Types of Jail Management Software

  • On-Premises Jail Management Software
  • Cloud-Based Jail Management Software
  • Integrated Correctional Facility Management System
  • Inmate Classification Software
  • Inmate Tracking Software
  • Automated Fingerprint Identification Software (AFIS)
  • Paperless Document Management Software
  • Inmate Health Management Software
  • Dispatch and Incident Management Software
  • Inmate Communication Management Software
  • Bar Code Technology-Enabled Software

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