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Email Verification Tools

Email Verification Tools:

Email Verification Tools are used to verify emails that are deliverable to reduce bounces and improve email marketing. It also help clean bots and inactive users from your mailing list and allows only those business emails that hit real, active recipients and avoid the spam box. To maximize the number of emails to be read, and save money on mass emails, the email verification tools are used by many businesses. Generally, mass emailing services charge by the number of recipients on the mailing list. So, when it comes to mass emails, cutting away inactive accounts from a mailing list and avoiding the spam box helps businesses save their money.
The main features of an email verification tools include email verification, email campaign tracking, bot detection, mail list cleaning and bounce rate reduction.

Pricing of Email Verification Tools:

Pricing of email verification tool depends on the size of the mailing list. Most services charge monthly. More emails are included as monthly rates increases.
Email Validation and regular data hygiene is very important aspect of email marketing. It is also challenging to maintain a healthy relationship with Internet Service Providers and Email Service Providers. Usually, spam traps, bounce rates and complaint rates are the factors that will determine your reputation as a sender. So, you can't ignore these as it can lead to loss of money, time and customers.

Spam traps:

A spam trap is an email address that does not belong to real people. These traps not only identify bad senders, but also expose marketers who are not exercising enough control over email permission and list management practices. Keeping them in your list will lose your sender reputation and even get you blacklisted. Because of these spam trap, your ISP delivers a hard bounce and you are granted to remove the email from your list before it gets marked as spam. This can effect your reputation,  the ability to deliver, open rate, click rate or conversion rate. The risk of capturing poor data, including misspelled emails is also there. You can reduce these risk by the help of email verification tools.

E-mail Validation:

The possible spam traps and other email address discrepancies can be identified by these tool by email validation before they are flagged by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) or Email Service Providers (ESPs). Therefore it is helpful in cleaning up your email lists to improve deliverability and there by you reach your customers without causing any damage to your reputation.
An email verification tool can helps marketers maintain list hygiene. It can

  • Identify invalid email formats
  • Identify and correct misspelled emails
  • Ensure the most accurate status of every email domain
  • Determine whether each email will deliver, hard bounce or soft bounce
  • Report how old and/or active an email is, and when it last opened

If the email database is not managed properly, it can cause permanent damage to sender reputation, poor customer experience, increased marketing costs, loss of revenue and sales inefficiencies. So, it is very important to regular list hygiene by sticking to organic acquisition methods, regularly cleaning out their lists and using email verification as a safeguard.
E-malis can be verified by two ways. These include:

  • An API can be used to validate emails in real time as you capture them on your site.
  • An entire list for batch processing can be submitted and then adding the invalid emails to a suppression list by downloading the results.

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