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Email Management Software

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Email Management Software:

Email management software is used to make email communications more effective by tracking email data to help teams become more efficient as well as organizing emails and making individuals more productive.

Some facts about Email Management Software:

  • Email Management Software is an essential tool for every company as communication is central to the success and email is the most popular form of communication for customers and employees alike.
  • an email management software can cost your company significantly more because of ongoing maintenance and one-time deployment costs.
  • Although a more fitting and flexible hand can be provided in managing the mailbox from faster communications to email security of a user, an email management software can be used for a number of purposes.
  • Incoming emails are automatically categorized and prioritized by an Email management software that help declutter and organize the user's inbox.
  • Individuals and businesses can be provided with tools to increase productivity and organization through automation and artificial intelligence. 
  • Typically features are included in  Email management software to reduce unwanted distractions, such as a snooze function, which allows users to defer non-urgent emails and provides the ability to create parameters to auto-archive incoming mail.
  • Email tracking, template creation, automatic sorting, and the option to unsubscribe from unwanted content are some of the other features that can be included in an Email management software.
  • Client and customer facing teams will be able to easily manage shared conversations and tickets, track key metrics and KPIs, and automate workflows by using this software. 
  • Email management software can be integrated with most major email software providers. This tool can also be integrated with several other software solutions, including CRM software and employee communications software.
  • A product must sort emails into predefined folders automatically, provide advanced filters and search capabilities, include snooze, unsubscribe, auto archive, or blocking functionality and integrate with major email software providers and clients to qualify for inclusion in the Email Management category.
  • an Email Management Software can securely backs-up your entire organization's email into a centralized archive.
  • It will allow you to view and restore email for any user, any email address, over any time period with powerful search mechanisms.
  • Organizations will be able to backup documents, files, calendars and contacts by using this software.
  • It readies your company for ediscovery and compliance, and helps you save money in the process as most of these software are compatible with all mail systems.
  • Email archiving and email backup can be made simple, productive and a joy to use by using an email management software.

Features of Email Management Software:


  • Flexible deployment scenarios are allowed in most Email Management Software.
  • Email from a variety of mail sources can be acquired which could be remote or local, from mail servers or simply over a connected file-system store.
  • The messages are acquired, de-duplicated, indexed and stored in real-time making messages available for searching and retrieval.
  • Easy to use access from anywhere can be provided as users can connect to the software using a web-browser
  • All internal, incoming, outgoing email  can be achieved with multi-domain support.
  • Automated & on-demand, email collection and archiving can be provided.
  • Email deduplication and single-instance storage can be done to minimize disk usage.
  • Secondary storage facility can be provided with automatic incremental backups and primary archive retention policy.
  • Filters can be provided to keep out unwanted email.
  • It keeps your mail server light and responsive by offloading storage and search.
  • Admin time and costs can be reduced by user-friendly self-service functionality.
  • Administrative and operational activity can be tracked and audit. 

Benefits of Email Management Software:


  • Disaster recovery, compliance ready, email monitoring, improved server performance, reduce administration & helpdesk costs and email archival reports are some of the benefits of Email Management Software. 
  • Clutter can be reduced.
  • Usually, we all get a lot of different types of email much like regular mail. Some messages are important while others are just informational and some of them are junk.
  • You can be more organized and retrieve the really important messages when you need them by regularly going through the mail and getting rid of the stuff you don't need.
  • Cost can be reduced.
  • Thousands of emails are received per day within an organization which take up a lot of expensive storage over time.
  • The business continuity and disaster recovery plans require all of those emails to be backed up to other storage every day for some organizations which adds even more cost. 
  • Organizations will be able to more effectively manage costs by reducing the amount of emails.
  • Email availability can be ensured.
  • The risk that something could go wrong that would stop email from working increases with more email that has to be stored long term.
  • The entire system can run more efficiently by reducing email so that email is always available.
  • It help business continuity and disaster recovery.
  • A lot of money is spent by many organization ensuring that critical systems, like email, are up the overwhelming majority of the time and can be restored in the event that something bad happens.  
  • It can be defined how quickly email can be recovered in a disaster by the amount of data, like email, that has to be recovered.
  • It is easier to recover from a serious problem by managing the mailboxes of employee.

Tips for mailbox reduction:


  • Assess your mailbox size by clicking on File, then Cleanup Tools, then Mailbox Cleanup, and finally View Mailbox Size.
  • You need to ask your email administrator if there is a limit or mailbox size under which you need to stay.
  • You should empty your deleted folder regularly as clearing it out will have a big impact if you don't regularly empty this folder.
  • Check your calendar regularly to cleaning them out if you have a lot of calendar entries with attachments or large files.
  • You should change your calendar to 'list' view to see the size of your entries.
  • Check with your email administrator to see if an archive folder can be created so that anything older than six months can be archived.
  • Archive emails, if possible as archived items are still accessible and searchable, but they do not count toward your mailbox size. 

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