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Email Archiving Software

Email Archiving Software:

Email Archiving Software is a software that helps organizations stay in compliance with legal regulations by automating the storage and retrieval.
It also supports eDiscovery functions. The software helps organizations to keep full records of any email transactions without consuming more storage by compressing and storing emails that are older than a certain user defined age which can be used for referencing or auditing at a later date. Organizations can audit employee email conversations, sales email interaction histories, and more to get a complete view of the conversational history of a user or company by archiving emails. Email archiving software can be used by the IT department to preserve email history. The software enable HR teams, management, sales teams, and more to audit the archived emails and make business decisions. It can be combined with a variety of communications platforms to work as a method to preserve B2B, B2C, and employee interactions.

Advantages of Email Archiving Software:

The advantages of Email Archiving Software include:

  • The software helps organizations to meet all compliance requirements and can also assist with eDiscovery scenarios.
  • It can help to meet the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of EU as sophisticated retention policies can be defined.
  • It helps lowering IT costs and expenditures by reducing the requirement of overloaded servers, storage costs, complex backup and restore processes.
  • It also helps reduce financial risks caused by data loss or legal conflicts.
  • As emails are not stored locally, these are not under the control of organizations and for this they need to rely solely on the backup routine of provider. You can build on the trust that the provider will be around in the future and fulfilling his obligations properly through a simple and effective backup strategy by archiving all externally managed data.
  • It can be ensured that all your business emails are archived by setting up the configuration for journal archiving so that all email are archived as soon as it is received or sent.
  • All your existing email can be archived in a central location.
  • As the software can archive and backup all PST files of the organization centrally, the risk of data loss or corruption and impact on storage and backup can be eliminated.
  • As it help prevent users from deleting emails, the loss of important data can be eliminated.
  • As emails can be deleted from the mailboxes of mail server according to a rule based process once they have been archived, the workload of the server can be reduced and  maintained at a consistently low level.
  • It help save much of storage space as it uses de-duplication and compression to reduce the total storage requirements. This allows the identical MIME parts to be stored only once. File attachments are also compressed.
  • It can be backed up much more easily, quickly, and also restored more quickly in the event of a failure by reducing the data load of mail server.
  • Emails can be restored from the archive with a single click by the user.
  • Every user at the organization can access all emails through the email archive when a mail server is out of service or data is lost which makes it easier to continue operating your business without any disruptions.
  • Full text searching for emails and all types of file attachments is provided by the software. Access is also possible through the original folder structure.
  • It can be integrated seamlessly into your usual working environment.
  • The need to use mailbox quotas can be eliminated which can limit the use of storage capacity of a mail server.
  • It does not require any external database software as the server of the software consists of a sophisticated storage technology.

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