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Electrical Contractor Software

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Electrical Contractor Software:

Electrical Contractor Software is a software that is used by residential and commercial electricians to automate day to day operations, such as scheduling, dispatching, and invoicing.

Features and Benefits of Electrical Contractor Software:

The Electrical Contractor Software has several features that can benefit the user in many ways to grow their business. Some of these include:

  • The operational efficiency of an electrical contractor firm or professional can be increased by using an electrical contractor software that automates the workflows.
  • Customer calls can be tracked and recorded for better CSR training.
  • It provides easy to use estimating and invoicing templates to help your techs increase sales.
  • The software will help you to track tasks, schedule field workers, bill efficiently and deliver an amazing field service management experience.
  • The is fully customizable, letting you decide how the software functions.
  • Your workforce competently can be optimized by finding the nearest technician to the customer site and scheduling the task. The dispatch is prompt, efficient and smooth.
  • The exact location of your field technician can be monitored to speed up the process of reaching your customer site without a hitch.
  • Your preventive maintenance and service can be managed and agreements can be labeled efficiently. Planned maintenance, work orders, and invoices can be automated.
  • Real time tracking of specific job costs including labour, materials, and other expenses can be gained in one go.
  • The operations management can be integrated with your CRM, and other tools to make your business perform better.
  • Your customers can be equipped with a secure private portal to create jobs, consult existing jobs, and download PDF of job reports at any time.
  • Detailed time sheets of the time spent on jobs can be maintained without having to trouble yourself with piling paperwork.
  • In-depth reports can be generated to help you monitor your business effectively. As the dashboard comes with a detailed and intuitive interface, it is easier to review the performance.
  • Important information like customer data, job status, feedback, etc. generated by field technicians can be stored offline securely in the absence of internet which gets auto-synchronized once the internet is back on.
  • The transactions of customer can be authenticated and the quality of services availed can be confirmed by eSignatures.
  • The software help improving customer experience and satisfaction by providing before-after photo capturing facility which ensures that customer tickets are not closed before the problem is solved.
  • As push notifications regarding task details can be received by the technician, they can deal with the job at hand punctually.
  • The software help saves a lot of time and boosts your workflow as task details are created automatically from customer emails.
  • Various orders can be managed, their status can be monitored and the interface can be customized as per your business needs.
  • Each aspect of a work order can be managed in-depth as you can monitor task status, time details, communication and feedback.
  • Job costs can be tracked conveniently by using this software as a real time costs is provided that sum up service charges, material costs and other task expenses instantly.
  • A detailed invoices can be generated which gives the customers a completely transparent bill.
  • The parts and materials used for small and large projects can be tracked by inventory management.

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