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EHS Management Software:

EHS Management Software is a software that is used to bring together huge amounts of data from various sectors related to environment, health and safety into one centralized data management application.
The software helps the organizations to look at the data over prolonged periods and analyze trends to act on them which not only help in just data analysis but also risk management. It help organizations to cope up with regulatory compliance, industry health, environment safety, and risk management.

Features and Benefits of EHS Management Software:

The EHS Management Software has several features that can benefit the user in many ways to grow their business. Some of these include:

  • Business intelligence reporting features are used by the software to auto-generate reports, collect and store a large amount of data, access archived data, and re-appraise several files. Environmental hazards can be identified by tools like spill calculator, EHS emissions tracking, capturing pictures, incident reporting.
  • You will be able to easily access these software even from remote locations and a two way communications between employer and employee can be encouraged.
  • Action plans can be designed and collected data can be displayed by custom dashboards that come with interactive graphics and visuals.
  • Important Safety data can be tracked and real time insights can be provided with customizable views including graphs, tables and more in a single central location.
  • Data can be securely exchanged with external systems with support for electronic interfaces to your assets, equipment and laboratories
  • Information can be easily collected, analyzed and shared with sophisticated reports that can convert data inputs into valuable knowledge for making informed decisions.
  • Communication between top level management and employees can be made possible by the help of EHS mobile apps without involving bulky computers. Employees can quickly complete actions and assigned tasks directly from their mobile device as immediate insight into task status can be provided.
  • The the well-being of workers and the environment can be protected as well as the global compliance can be ensured in the face of rapidly evolving requirements.
  • The PPE non-compliance in working environments can be identified automatically.
  • The absence of PPE on workers can be identified by the object detection technology of the software.
  • As the PPE Detector is based on real time video analytics and uses the CCTV stream for current monitoring and PPE compliance control, it covers a huge spaces and never miss a safety breach.
  • Better safety can be provided to the workers, and injuries can be reduced to minimum as the worksites are monitored in real-time for instant violation reporting.
  • Any case of injury can be researched to identify the cause of it as safety is monitored in real time.
  • Manual inspections can be cut down and safety managers can focus more on safety drills because of high detection accuracy and automated alerts.
  • The most common violations can be analyzed with all video footage collected by the safety engineers to develop more efficient safety drills.
  • The burden of manual safety monitoring can be reduced by centralized, connected camera which are based automated monitoring
  • Critical safety information across the department, site, region, or globe can be managed, tracked and reported without any spreadsheet.
  • The complete picture of safety management performance can be provided by identifying trends and generating reports. with the help of Business Intelligence tools.
  • It can be made easy to satisfy regulatory requirements and your next audit by safety compliance management solution.

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