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Driving School Software:

Driving School Software is a software that is used by independent tutors and driving schools to automate appointment scheduling, record keeping, communications, and management of instructor as well as student.
The operations and management of driving schools can be streamlined by using Driving School Software. Users can schedule specific instructors for driving time with individual students or groups. Lesson plans can be created and the progress of students in a course can be tracked by the instructor along with managing the  customer payments and information. Students can sign up for driving slots with instructors and track their progress with class work and driving time by themselves in student portals. The software can be integrated with online appointment scheduling software to streamline the process of signing up for driving slots with instructors.

Features and Benefits of Driving School Software:

Scheduling, online sign up, flexibility and manage students are some of the main features of Driving School Software which can benefit the user in several ways. These include:

  • Complete in-car scheduling, Integrated late cancellation and no show rules, Late cancellation booking feature are provided by the software.  
  • Custom set student self-scheduling that can reduce the number of phone calls.
  • You can view daily and weekly schedules for single or multiple instructors by simply drag and drop lessons.
  • Instructor availability and time off can be added with ease.
  • All instructors schedules can be viewed on a single screen.
  • Lessons can be booked or rescheduled by simply dragging lessons from one staff to another.
  • Student details, vehicle allocation and availability and many more can be viewed in a single place.
  • As lessons can be viewed and booked from any device any time by the students and parents, phone calls and strain on the office staff can be reduced.
  • As it includes staff availability and working hours, double booking can be eliminated. The availability of your team members or vehicle can be checked with a glance and hence can schedule them with confidence.
  • The software is easy to use and navigate.
  • Automatic email and text reminders, notifications and alerts can be send. Students and parents can be notified of last minute open slots. The list of eligible students can be compiled by the software and email is sent automatically to them or their parents so that they can book the open slot immediately directly from their phone.
  • As there is no need of wait lists and phone calls and open slots can booked in few minutes without any effort from your staff, it help increase the productivity, efficiency and revenue of your school.
  • Automatic lesson and classroom session reminders can be send through email or text. So, it help you communicate better with your students and their parents. You can get time to focus on other things as a lot of time, effort and costs can be saved by this automatic feature that reduces the number of calling.
  • Staff schedule can be printed in seconds.
  • A complete tracking of financials of students can be done from processing of credit cards, recording cash, checks and discounts in a single place. Financial reports are also included which are extremely flexible.
  • Students can log into their account and pay the open balance anytime if they have open balance. You directly receive funds and their account will be automatically adjusted.
  • As the software is fully integrated with industry leaders in merchant account and credit card processing, your credit card transaction is secure and safe with funds directly deposited into your account. .
  • All important information related to each student from student contact information, permit and license information to notes and account to-dos can be tracked in a single place by custom set student profile.

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