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Cloud PBX Software

Cloud PBX Software:

Cloud PBX Software is a software that is a private branch exchange telecommunication systems use to transmit information over the internet.
It replaces the requirement of a traditional PBX system and other infrastructure to handle the calls requiring no software installation and accessible worldwide. Your entire business communication including Phone Calls, WhatsApp, SMS Conversations can be managed on the cloud which is on single place. The software help the companies simplify and organize their complete communications by providing  a host of cloud telephony solutions like toll free number, virtual phone number, number masking, voice broadcasting, IVR system, OTP verification and many more.

Features of Cloud PBX Software:

Some of the common features of Cloud PBX Software include:

  • The software provides IVR flexibility which is the most critical and primary thing from which the communication starts and important to deliver consistent and seamless experience.
  • SMS, emails as well as chats can be integrated with your conversation by sending customer specific information at the right time from single dashboard.
  • The software can be easily integrated with any CRM and custom solution to maintain your database and caller history.
  • Calls, emails, SMS and social media messages can be distributed to agents based on customer requirement and skill set or department from inbound call centers by automatic call distribution feature.
  • You will be able to find all valuable reports in a single dashboards that help you make informed business decisions that makes your Contact Center more efficient.
  • The power dialers help the sales teams and outbound calling teams improve their efficiency compared to manual dialing.
  • Preview Dialer can be used when revenue generated per call is high and the agents has to time analyze customer requirement before dialing customer number.
  • Progressive Dialer can be used when agent productivity and interaction are important parameters, database quality is high and conversion value per call.
  • Predictive Dialer can be used when large data of low quality and agent productivity is critical, fastest dialing with short duration between calls to maximize no of calls.
  • IVR Dialer can be used for automated calls for due payments, renewals, appointment reminders or pre-recorded IVR with option to connect with agent.
  • The Cloud Hosted Messaging Platform include features like OTP Delivery, Transaction Alerts, OTP Over Voice and SMS Marketing. OTP messages can be delivered within seconds and account based transaction alerts can be send globally.
  • IVR call flows can be configured with multiple menu as well as sub-menu options.

Benefits of Cloud PBX Software:

Some of the benefits of Cloud PBX Software include:

  • The software help increase sales by not missing any business calls and answering every call professionally. Alerts for missed calls are sent on emails and SMS.
  • It provide better support to customers by sending calls to right agent or departments with the help of skilled based routing.
  • Campaigns can be tracked with real time analytics and ROI can be measured for different channels using multiple DID's for your products and services.
  • It provides the best pricing plans for companies with full talk time and there will be no monthly rental fee combined with long validity
  • Human like voice quality can be experienced in the IVR and an enhanced customer experience can be provided with cloud telephony solutions.
  • It takes minimal installation time and does not require any IT support or maintenance as the setup is quick and easy with instant activation.
  • The virtual numbers can be used for business to increase your call pick-up rate as it can handle many number of calls concurrently leaving behind the worry of a peak hour call load which help increase the productive workforce.
  • The the capacity can be increase and decrease or agents can be added or reduced to manage costs and growth requirements. So, your business efficiency can be improved even at the last minute.

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