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API Management Software:

Application Programming Interfaces or API Management Software is a software that provides a complex variety of features that enable organizations to develop, manage and secure APIs.
The developers get help from the earliest phases of API development, the planning and design stage by using an API Management Software. Testing of APIs is a must to make sure they work as designed and enable backward compatibility with previously deployed APIs. API needs to be published and deployed once it has been developed and tested. Then the API life cycle management begin for ongoing operations, consumption, security and versioning. APIs plays a key role in digital transformation in your business that allows you to expose your business functionality. It helps finding the true value of your digital assets, create business agility and promote innovation and collaboration. An API management software allows you to design, create, publish, and manage APIs to provide business agility required by your organization.

Feature of API Management Software:

A variety of features are offered by different API Management Software available in the market. Some of the common features include:

  • API design: The users can design, publish and deploy APIs. The user will also be able to record documentation, usage limits, security policies, descriptions, runtime capabilities and other relevant information by using API Management Software.
  • API gateway: API management software serve as an API gateway, which enforces relevant API security policies and requests and also guarantees authorization, authentication, audit, regulatory compliance and security.  It also the functionality for collecting analytics data and providing caching.
  • API store: Users can keep their APIs in a store or catalog where they can expose them to internal and/or external stakeholders by using API Management Software. This API store are served as a marketplace for APIs, where users can subscribe to APIs, obtain support from users and the community.
  • API analytics: Users can monitor API usage, load transaction logs, historical data and other metrics by using API Management Software that is helpful in informing the status as well as the success of the APIs available. Real time monitoring of the API is  possible where alerts can also be raised directly or through a higher level network management system.
  • Monetization: This feature can be used to charge for accessing commercial APIs that include support for setting up of pricing rules based on usage, load and functionality. It also issue invoices and collect payments through multiple types of credit card payments.

Benefits of API Management Software:

  • API Management Software increase agility by rapidly creating new digital assets. It enable you to design and publish APIs in an iterative manner with full control of the API life cycle in your hand which helps you to reduce the time spent on creating your APIs and deliver your services in less time. You will also be able to create versions of the API so that you can enhance your API and at the same time the customers are not affected who are already using it.
  • The software leverage the value of your existing legacy systems. It translates outdated security protocols to standard, modern and user friendly protocols to overcome the challenges of exposing certain services of your legacy systems. It can also translate complex data output produced by your existing systems into simpler message formats and protocols to optimize your APIs. A single functionality can be created by arranging and combining your back-end services that can be exposed as a single API.
  • It makes the data-driven decisions through business insights. You can learn more about your API consumers, such as usage patterns, device types, and geographical locations through the analytics component of the software that will provide you the information to understand your business and how your customers interact with it. This helps you to make informed decisions which help improve the customer experience offered by you and make strategic business decisions.
  • It protect your brand from security threats. The security provided by API software ensures that your digital business is protected from both internal and external threats. You can control the levels of access for each application type and combine user authentication between different identity providers to ensure all IDs are fully verified. You can also detect anomalies, threats and fraud in real-time to take a quick action against any risks.

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