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Advertising Agency Software

Advertising Agency Software:

Advertising Agency Software is a software that is designed for ad agencies to provide all aspects of the advertising and marketing plan to increase client service quality and productivity.
It help you speed up all type of activities from first contact with the client, budgeting, project management to capacity planning and time reporting, third party cost and client billing. It also connects internal teams and supports collaboration and communications within a company.  Resources can be centralized,  consistency can be maintained across projects and campaigns,  marketing efforts can be connected to ROI and alignment can be improved with all involved stakeholders by using an Advertising Agency Software. Common problems like too much reporting with not enough optimizing, rebuilding credibility and fighting for space in a hyper-competitive market can be solved by this software.

Features & Functionality of Advertising Agency Software:

The common features and functionality to look for while choosing an Advertising Agency Software include:

  • The Advertising Agency Software should be capable enough to do project management, that include task management for your team as well as client-facing tasks, project dashboards for quickly tracking progress, and easy file sharing and collaboration. It can also include time tracking. However, time tracking is done by a third-party integration in many tools.
  • The Advertising Agency Software should be capable to do resource management. There should be option for you to easily search for resources and skills in order to assign tasks and projects to them. It should also include scheduling features so that you can set milestones, deadlines, and dependencies between tasks.
  • It should includes communication, outreach, and reporting tools such as client portal so that you will be able to manage prospecting of your agency and clients. Taking snapshots of project data like time and expenses should be easy to deliver client reports.
  • The Advertising Agency Software should be capable enough to do finance management by capitalizing on all your project and resource data to provide accurate forecasting and estimation. Features like invoice and billing are important aspect to streamline your flow from initial stage to final invoice. Managing media and procurement is possible by some modules that helps to manage things like purchase and insertion orders.
  • Reporting systems like time logging, finances, resource management should be there to make data collection and organization easy and helpful.
  • The software should be constantly updated with new and enhanced features to help your agency reach its optimum potential.
  • The software should be designed for a great user experience, clean interface and simple functionality.

Benefits of Advertising Agency Software:

The software comes in all shapes and sizes with numerous feature that will eliminates the need for multiple ad agency software systems, and is flexible to adapt to your workflow.
There are many benefits of advertising agency software. This include:

  • Advertising Agency Software helps in managing the agency remotely.  
  • It creates client details and publication details.
  • It is a a highly customizable tool that lets you work in any methodology.
  • It is helpful in keeping your sales process organized as you keep a track of sales and your deal flow with sales reports and tracking for lost contracts.

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