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VoIP Software

VoIP Software

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VoIP Software:

VoIP Software is a software that can be used for enhanced employee mobility by enabling voice and data transmission over the Internet.
Extensive call reporting capabilities can be provided and other functions, such as instant messaging and group conferencing can be supported in addition to standard telephony features.

Features and Benefits of VoIP Software:

The VoIP Software has several features that can benefit the user in many ways to grow their business. Some of these include:

  • A real-time verification of available funds can be provided. Potential fraudulent activity can be detected and prevented. Calls can be automatically disconnected to prevent balance overdrafts. Flexible rating of service usage can be managed.
  • Tool can be provided to create attractive product bundles, monthly recurring charges can be automatically assessed, invoices can be generated and delivered electronically, and the payment collection process can be enforced.
  • All the information about the products, rates and customers and the service configuration for individual customers or phone lines can be stored in the software.
  • A self-care portal can be included for your end users and can be managed through a web interface.
  • Call processing as well as real-time routing can be controlled by the software.
  • It can communicate with IP phones, mobile dialers and communication clients, and media gateways through the SIP protocol.
  • Any communication device that supports SIP can be used in conjunction with the software to provide services such as voice or video calls, presence or instant messaging as there are no restrictions for the vendor or model of the equipment.
  • Network load can be efficiently distributed to maintain operational uptime because of high availability and load-balancing.
  • Performance can be improved by capacity provisioning, Remote Site Redundancy can be provided for disaster recovery, Online self-care can be provided for easily accessible management.
  • It can be seamless integrated with standardized third-party APIs, time and money can be saved by reducing complexity.
  • The configuration of all servers can be quickly managed simplifying staff work load by easy-to-use configuration server.
  • One converged billing and switch platform can be provided across multiple communication systems.
  • Operational uptime can be maintained across different geographical regions.
  • An independent physical servers can be used in a single system cluster environment to provide fault-tolerant services.
  • Performance or linear capacity can be improved, uninterrupted service and zero downtime updates can be ensured, as well as geographic redundancy can be provided across the globe by utilizing a number of physical servers in various distributed clusters to process more RADIUS requests.
  • The site redundancy provided by the software can protect against hosting facility outages, continued service to multiple geographic regions when network connectivity is lost and updates to new software versions with zero downtime
  • An uninterrupted service can be provided using multiple servers in different geographic locations that continue operating during the main site outage.
  • Your customers and business can be protected from security risks, with secure voice communications.
  • Your processes can be automated, and you only need to pay for the calls you need to. Voice recording storage costs can be reduced, and your customers can be prevented from incurring unnecessary charges. Your costs can be managed and minimized.
  • As the communication platform supports multiple languages through text to speech, you can communicate clearly with customers in their own language.
  • Customer satisfaction can be increased by adding a reliable voice option to your communication channels mix, as a first choice or a fallback option.

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